Photo Challenge #92

Great Grandmother

(Awarded 1st Place) Great Grandmother by SFC Lance Widner – Division 1 (Active Duty Military) CC BY 2.0

When holding you I remember that I am still capable.

Though I have been wrung, plucked, and boiled

life has failed to swallow me and still manages despite

its myriad deficits to fill you up. I could regale you

with stories of gregarious shadows and hearts rent

And rendered into a version of love deeper than

the seas when placed on top of each other.

I am still in my funk sorry =(


13 responses to “Photo Challenge #92

  1. firstly no need to apologize Yves … at all …. it’s part of life and there is nothing to suggest that you have to be anything than who you are and are feeling in the moment …. that being said I hope you’re feeling better and less stressed and all – even though we are now in the middle of the holidays …. so be kind to yourself …. and finally – I offer my apologizes for not being able to read this piece before – couldn’t get to blenza and power failures etc.

    As for this piece – it is short – simple – yet dynamically loaded in its beauty, breadth and depth – word choice and phrases combined offer an amazingly insightful portrait – as wholly unique as the new born, as well as the “imprinted” elder.

    Great job Yves 🙂

    Cheers ~ Pat

  2. That you can still write exquisite poetry whilst in a funk shows how deep your talent and your creativity run.
    Sorry about the funk — I know how hard those moods make getting through and getting on. But, hang in there — I think the funk will pass.

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