The platform bristles, primal aggregates, passage.

It was the vaguest of murmurs

like the blush of an areola on awakening.

The wide hearse of your body

swallows my etiolating gaze,

a zenith obsequious in the dark.

My heart lost, scours the tables,

the narcissistic nightshade traipsing

from mantel to windowsill and back again

despite my expressed concern.

Love is strange and grand.

I stand here fading, bracing

praying silently for a delay,

a glint of your mad, keeling grin

to peel back and say I’ll stay.

Week 90

Not sure why I wrote the poem in this form. Anyhow I have included a picture so you can see the room. I didn’t even know Sam was taking pictures because I was vacuuming hence it being visible. You can also sort of see our X-mas tree which honestly went up on the 20th! I know, know but the painting. You can also see Sam’s feet didn’t bother to stand I suppose haha The room had to be disorganized a bit for the sake of the tree. Sam did all the stenciling and decided on colors and everything. This was his room to design. All furniture currently is hand me downs.



17 thoughts on “Mag 299 and Wordle # 90

  1. I stand here fading, bracing
    praying silently for a delay

    Such is the confused mind of a loved one on bidding good-bye. There is the yearning to delay the departure! Truly said Yves!


  2. Wow! And here I was thinking a little stencil around a door or window. The walls look professionally papered! I would never have guessed painted.

    As for the verse… may we all remember that blush of love into our later years 😉 I think there was a news article that I have yet to actually read that was basically stating the secrets of those who were married for over fifty years. 🙂

    I remember reading about a very lucky couple who married young were able to be together every night, and made it to 75 years! Now that is pure magic. Yet the way our world works too many couples have to be separated because of jobs for days, weeks or months at a time. Lucky them who make that work.

    Thanks for stopping by the BeeBee snippet. That was a ‘challenging’ list 😉

  3. I met my hubby at 18.5+… – three years later we married.
    This year we made it to 36 🙂
    His folks made it to over 50, before FIL passed. So I think we are on our way…

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