Photo Challenge #91 and Writing Prompt #137 “The Fool”


Anne Worner “Don’t Fall In” CC BY 2.0

A cacophony of pawns and inverted innuendos,

we seek truth but revoke its passage

in deference to the ego’s exhausted scripts.

A fool is a fool whatever his age or position.

Transit never satisfies the need for escape

wherever I go distress inevitably follows.

Bags clutched, I’m always starting anew

And I haven’t learned anything save ambiguity.

luis royo_the labyrinth tarot_major arcana_the fool

I had a breakdown today. I don’t cope well with stress. Balance is elusive to the point of absurdity. The moment I feel well-enough I go full out trying to compensate for all the days I wasn’t well-enough. Sam came home from work (which is like a 40 minute drive away) to give me hug and sit with me. Just thinking about it makes me want to cry, he is so sweet. I couldn’t manage to go to Isadora’s school though, I am just too fragile/unstable. I have no idea how I am going to be this week in regards to writing, I still have things I have to do that I can’t cancel.