Wordle #89

Week 89

One by one they surrender

the idle, the pretentious, the threadbare.

The nebulous pivot, warm in alliteration,

hands cascade over curves twice their volume.

A velvet crushed frock draped

in your heartbeats bolts across the floor.

We are young, naive as such, willing to spare.

I drink the ethanol from your lips,

your eyes pollen-hazed. And we dance

tripping on fascination, two Ateliers

locked in armistice. You”ll never outdo me

my soul is vociferous and psychedelic.

I glimpse you spilling wine into the washbasin

squeamish silks a fracture of misaligned palates.

You’re mad, mind-fucked by the divine,

I love you in all the ways that stigmatize.

We are still painting. We had the idea to paint and stencil a pattern, that takes a long time haha. This week I am truly slammed aside from the painting/clean up. I have several meetings, a fund-raising event for Isadora’s school plus Lucia. I have so many pinched nerves right now! Left wrist, right shoulder, right hip. I have a brace for my wrist which works wonders but the other stuff I am just going to have to wait it out and try to relax. I attempted to write something for you today. Please forgive me for the lack of comments this week and the slowness.


17 responses to “Wordle #89

  1. “I love you in all the ways that stigmatize.”
    Amazing. Perhaps you’ve passed into that delirious realm of fatigue that the dervishes seek. Whatever the method, you’ve produced an anthem for a heart laced in scar tissue.
    Well done.

  2. The nebulous pivot, warm in alliteration,

    You’re mad, mind-fucked by the divine,

    This is a creatively sewn piece Yves … I feel like I’ve danced with a devil madder than Hades … each line almost like an independent fragment … torture.

    And those to lines I’ve signaled out …. bloody brilliant. XD

  3. Painting house…that is the one thing we would rather not ever do. But maybe over the holidays… some rooms that are due. But no stencils.
    Recover quickly and enjoy life that is thrown at you. Even when you want to run in the opposite direction and hide.

    Thanks for stopping by the BeeBee’s 🙂

    • Well my husband is doing the stenciling he has steadier hands and better spatial comprehension but it is a lot of work. I am on cleaning duty now that I have finished my painting duties. Thanks Jules! My pleasure

      • I’m still working on getting hubby to hang some stuff from when we got the walls painted years ago when we got some new flooring in… he’s not a stencil guy. Though I have seen some very nice patterns. And if you use several colors in one stencil there is more of a challenge!

      • We have been here almost a year and we have yet to hang pictures! There is always something to do isn’t there? Sam is very handy, me not so much. I can do what I am instructed but I wouldn’t know how just off the top of my head. Except crafts I am really rubbish at crafts.

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