Right or Left

My poem went up at The Drabble you can check it out here woot!

This is a dream I had about a year ago, maybe two but I couldn’t remember if I had ever written it up. If I had written it up I was unable to find a copy, so I decided to write it down again for safe-keeping. There are holes and blemishes in it due to my imperfect memory.

Wind and too much rain swept the car sideways along muddy backwater roads. The radio advised against driving but we’d been caught unaware.

“We should stop somewhere….take shelter. “ I agreed and wondered mutely when exactly the sky had first started to collapse.

A dirt road later and we were parked in front of a run down, albeit hospitable, house. We got out of the car, the journey from the front yard to the front steps soaking our clothes strait through. We knocked, no answer. We rang, no answer. We tried the knob, the door opened with ease. I called out to the hypothetical occupants, no answer.

“The owners must be stuck elsewhere, we’ll stay the night.” I was tired. I was hungry. I was in need of a shower and dry clothes. I agreed despite the threat of being caught like Goldie Locks by three hirsute and irate tenants.

The living room was lit by a solitary lamp and an old CRT television set, still running. The screen was black and white, on it a girl was tied to a chair, a spiral wheel gyrating ever-so-slowly behind her back.

The polyester chairs were empty, the room was soiled with grey like the fireplace had exhaled all over everything. I decided not to take the stairs but instead headed for the kitchen. That’s when we lost sight of each other but I didn’t take the disappearance as an emergency.

The kitchen was large, windswept, with debris littering the floor. The back wall was made entirely of glass, outside the sun was shining even though it was still night. Out of a small, narrow white cabinet came a cane, an unwieldy black boot, an alien, all 7 fucking feet of him in a space intended only to hold dish towels. He was wearing a Victorian black suit, looking dapper as sin. He had to fold himself nearly in half to look at my face. His hair was white, his teeth were filed to points, his right eye was gold, his left a clock.

“The plain gold eye is for seeing the good in people. The clockwork eye is for seeing into the future. “ He informed me through direct transfusion, no voice, no words just instantaneous comprehension.

“Do you have any candy?” I didn’t he inspected the cookie jar.

He disappeared into the cabinet again. I could not follow. I went back to the living room after a brief wait, he appeared behind me and in front of me on the screen. He looked me up and down. He smelled me. He peered at me from behind the glass. He pulled me into the television set, into the grey, sparky haze of a dated broadcast system. He circled me slowly, round and round like he was winding me up in an invisible thread. Meanwhile, flickers of old Nick at Night programs swirled around us, but only the sets, not the actors.

“I want to show you something.” He said or didn’t say. We exited the television set, I glanced upstairs where the darkness pooled and quickened.

“Not upstairs….never upstairs….” I remembered my babysitter Mrs. Whitman who’d jumped out of the second floor window inexplicably. Everyone said she’d been spooked by a rat but I know it was something much worse.

I followed him to the kitchen. I followed him outside into the sunshine, into a fragrant meadow unmolested by the storm and I understood that outside wasn’t really outside, it was somewhere else, somewhere untraceable. Little paths ran through the grass, it was peaceful, faintly nostalgic. He pointed to a plexus of signs with names written in letters I couldn’t read.

“Which way, which eye, what’ll it be?”

16 responses to “Right or Left

  1. Congrats on the poem @ the Drabble – and it’s delightful. Erotic and dark.

    and this dream tale …. holy crap …. I’m glad I don’t dream inside your head 😉

    • I had a dream the other night Pat I dreamed that I was some type of sprite invisible to humans, pint-sized (without reference I am not sure how small we were but I sensed that we were small) and we lived in this world that was animated. Our village was in a forest and we were innocent and childlike. I had blue hair and my friend had green, so very colorful as well. She asked me if I wanted to go to the human world and I said yes. So we took off running through the forest, hopping gleefully around and as we got to the human side the dream was no longer colorful or animated. She said that the only way to interact with the humans was to enter their bodies. So I entered the body of this woman who was standing in the kitchen surrounded by her family and several shoe boxes. Turns out this woman was dying and she was trying to give out some heartfelt mementos before she past (she’d gathered up letters, mementos and photos for everyone). My friend sprite told me telepathically that I absolutely had to leave her body because she was going to die soon and my soul would get enmeshed and sucked up along with hers if I didn’t get out fast. She told me to concentrate on my body. I tried but the woman lost consciousness and I went down with her. I remember feeling this incredibly heaviness and this force. I felt myself getting very slow and it was getting harder and harder to think. Then I realized I was focusing on the wrong body, I was dreaming and I needed to focus on my real body outside of the dream so I did. Suddenly the woman’s body sat up, arms parallell like she was about to fly or something and I got to see her panicked face and her eyes were black and I could feel her last excruciating breath which was more like being punched in the chest and then bam I woke up in my body

      • wow! that is incredibly vivid …. and although initially very comforting and delightful …. the transference and being caught … that is nasty …. I’ve had similar experiences …. and often, I have split away from my dreaming self – and I’m watching it all unfold …. silently … as witness …. and there is nothing I can do – just watch …. until, as you’ve said, the “realization” of the focus shift has to happen …. and wow …. it is more often than not, a huge struggle.

        But there are some who suggest that those who are particularly sensitive are often ‘preyed’ upon by other spirits and people, especially when sleeping, as we are at our most vulnerable …. and to “live” the experience, in a dream state …. well, let’s just say I sometimes wonder which is worse …. the dream state “reality” … or the awake day-to-day reality ….

        hugs to you Yves …. xxx …. sleep, perchance to dream …. but honestly, some nights, most nights, I just battle with my brain trying to turn it off … and pray that I will be oblivious …. unless there is a very particular and concise important message I need to “hear” ….

      • I often wonder if something/someone isn’t trying to communicate with me in my dreams. Occasionally I will be around multiple people but will notice that one of them is clearly more alive, alert, interactive, pursuant. I have had mindless creatures chasing me of course but every now and again I get the feeling that I am not the only one in there. They are not necessarily negative experiences

      • Anything is possible …. messengers can appear in a forms and shapes …. and as you’ve said …. it isn’t always a negative experience.

      • My most intense and exhausting dreams are usually the psychopomp dreams, crossing someone over, talking them through their fears and then the process itself

      • I can imagine …. I personally just wish for a decent pain free night’s sleep …. or day … I’ll take it when it happens … which is far too absent.

      • I hope you will have one Pat. Last night I felt very old I turned and not even in a particularly interesting way, very slow and it feels like I ripped all the flesh from my shoulder blade. It is hard to explain but there is just this intense strip of pain on my left side and the shoulder blade feels like it is in the wrong place. I do not know what I did or how I did it but it is very unpleasant! I hate sleeping with pain, even if you manage to fall asleep any time you move you have to wake up and carefully, carefully move and you can’t not move because laying in the same way too long is also painful.

      • Oh I so hear you …. unfortunately 😦

        But hey, that’s why I’m so intimate with a sexy hot/cold pack! 😉

        I hope you manage to take care of that shoulder and blade and it stops being so aggravating …. I can relate to the pain in that specific area very well. And most importantly, hopefully you manage to find a comfortable position in which to rest, sit and definitely sleep ….. sleeping shouldn’t have to be a mega battle before the “battle.”

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