Mannequins for Peace

image by Anne Worner “Peace” CC BY-SA 2.0

The river has wings
though she prefers
to stay inside her respective lanes
for fear that flight might
compromise her volatile contents.

My world weighs about 8 oz
but within her I am free.
The naked, red plains
somersault in moments of clarity,
Moments that cannot be extracted
from the mania of passing crowds.

I was not ready for my first failure
and every one that follows has a newness
about it that defies explanation, like love.
Peace requires dissent but violence
and paranoia are capable only of illusion.
If you want something, you have to accept
the challenge with every stalk
of your indispensable, irreplaceable being.



15 thoughts on “Photo Challenge #89 and Wordle #227

  1. So many captivating images a tangle which makes sense and yet is also hidden within the flow of daily life – the second verse was particularly vivid – i thought of a womb…i thought of what it might feel like inside that womb…and how things can feel once we leave any kind of ‘cocoon’..

  2. Intriguing piece; struggling with boundaries and limits, the seeking ofcomfort, recognizing acceptance with and within conflict, and realizing not reaching expectations does not deny the uniqueness of one”s being.

    strong words.


  3. wow! thanks for your reply Yves 🙂

    I think you’ve really made quite the statement here with the image and the prompt words …. they flow in such an imaginative and interesting way …. the images being conjured in my mind …. fascinating.

    I am moved by the entire piece – who couldn’t be? – but wow – what an enchanting first line …. “The river has wings” …. sends my mind soaring in shivers …. and then “though she prefers
    to stay inside her respective lanes
    for fear that flight might
    compromise her volatile contents.”

    astounding! Another really well written piece Yves – love the reflections and musings on conflicts and struggles, as well as simple acceptance.

    Cheers ~ Pat

  4. Wow … nicely done Yves .. this is such a very beautiful poem to be read and re-read. My compliments on the intense and introspective quality of this poem.

  5. As we take each failure in it’s newness we can also take the beginning of everyday as a new birth.

    Now if we can just remember a few of life’s lessons in between…

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