Wordle #87

Week 87

Her smile sags,
Tears too prodigious to enumerate.
His smile chaffs,
Conversations too errant to precipitate.
Dew blossoms across her exotica,
The train of her dress glides
Over the marble floor
Like telesthesia.

She is a thousand miles away.
She is dressed acutely
In white and she is here
Docile as she takes the altar.

He crushes a champagne glass
Beneath his Berluti loafer,
And he is happier than he has ever been.
If it were a funeral he would dress the same,
Connotation makes all the difference.

The shivaree noiseless
At the suggestion of his lips.
She take his elbow,
Her emotions toppling
End over end.
She is delirious with joy

Staggering with possibilities,
She slices the cake
Shoving the first piece
Into her lover’s grinning face.


22 responses to “Wordle #87

  1. I love the first line. It sets her up to be a Sagittarius. How ever did you know I am one? 😉 I also really like the idea of tears being prodigious. I don’t cry at all. Not a single drop. Ever. I just don’t have time for tears. 😉

    This is my fave:
    “Dew blossoms across her exotica,
    The train of her dress glides
    Over the marble floor
    Like telesthesia.”

    I love what you did with this line, giving it two possible meanings: “She is a thousand miles away.” … Either she’s a literal distance away, or she’s just spacing out mentally.

    I just misread this as “He crushes [on] a champagne glass,” which is really cool. After that line, it just gets too mushy-gushy for me. 🙂

    • lucky guess I suppose lol I did’t cry much as a child and it actually used to frighten the other kids. Now though I cry, over all sorts of things, I even cry if something is too cute or too funny and I mean sobbing with absolute despair.

      Thank you so much, I do have a mushy side haha

      • Meds make me crazy, like staring in my cupboard for an hour because I am scared to extract a toxic teacup crazy. My mom says she’s got her meds sorted finally found a good combination and is feeling better. I have a hard time believing in psychotropics, I want to believe in them, I want them to work miracles, but I am very skeptical to their safety/effectiveness

      • I am traditionally anti-meds too. But having four kids at home and an ill husband, I was kind of desperate for something to take the edge off. Basically, I just scream too much, which jacks up my blood pressure and scares my kids. It helps just enough for me to be tolerable to live with. But I do wish I had never started taking it because now I can’t go off it. Every time I try, I lose my shit. :/

      • I am glad that it is offering you some help (they are terrible to get off). After I had my daughter my Depression was very severe I decided to try the med thing again with an open mind despite previous bad experience but for me it really didn’t work and only made everything worse. PTSD and disassociative issues are extremely hard to medicate, if it was just Depression or ADD it might be able to find something but I have multiple issues and multiple issues that don’t respond well to meds

  2. Fascinating yet very skilled use of the wordle …. and yup … it was an odd bunch with quite a few ‘errant’ tricksters …. but you have painted such an evocative image of this unfolding scene …. captured the emotions – so well they are ‘tasted on the tongue’ …. brilliant job Yves!

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