Wordle #87

Week 87

Her smile sags,
Tears too prodigious to enumerate.
His smile chaffs,
Conversations too errant to precipitate.
Dew blossoms across her exotica,
The train of her dress glides
Over the marble floor
Like telesthesia.

She is a thousand miles away.
She is dressed acutely
In white and she is here
Docile as she takes the altar.

He crushes a champagne glass
Beneath his Berluti loafer,
And he is happier than he has ever been.
If it were a funeral he would dress the same,
Connotation makes all the difference.

The shivaree noiseless
At the suggestion of his lips.
She take his elbow,
Her emotions toppling
End over end.
She is delirious with joy

Staggering with possibilities,
She slices the cake
Shoving the first piece
Into her lover’s grinning face.