I dance this path

Of fire with you


By the failings

Of an incurable youth


Though the heart

Is pliant

My bones do not

Forgive trespass

An unmade bed

Would betray

My animal instincts

So we lie

Captive in the rage

Of a muzzled spine


From your sharpened tongue

I gather defect

These excuses

Like bread crumbs

Drive me back

To this house

Of dangerous angles

This one is 5 years old and from the catacombs of my blog. I am preparing poems for submission to The Newyorker at the moment =)



21 thoughts on “Glass House

  1. Wonderful news that you’re submitting. Your poetry is like a fingerprint; undeniably yours, and totally unique.

  2. Wishing you all the best, Candice. 🙂 I’m also compiling my haiku for publication in my country. 🙂

    The first stanza is powerful and poignant, at the same time beautiful. Somehow, it resonates with me. 🙂

  3. interesting to read something from 5 years ago – fascinating to glimpse the stylistic history of your writing. 🙂

    And yes … as many have said …. wishing you all of the luck and possibilities in your efforts and creative endeavours Yves! We rally and cheer you on 😀

  4. Excellent poem and poetic imaginary which I believe could be to time but also to certain kind of harming relationships, somehow.. walking on egg shells, maybe…
    The second stanza speaks out loud…Sending best wishes. Aquilina 🐉☀️

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