Bonus Wordle #2

Bonus Wordle 2

  1. Gnarler (via Yves) A little dog that by his barking alerts his people that there is a burglar inside the house.
  2. Chirping Merry (via Yves) Exhilarated with liquor.
  3. Jabber (via Yves) To talk thick and fast, sometimes to speak in a foreign tongue
  4. Gregorian Tree (via Yves) The gallows.
  5. Honey-peeler (via Yves) A person who manipulates through seduction. Honey-peel is the act of manipulation through seduction
  6. Lentamente (via Bastet) Italian for slowly.
  7. Muore (via Bastet) Italian for dies.
  8. Makisig (via Ladylee) Filipino for powerful and strong.
  9. Malakas (via Ladylee) Filipino for handsome.
  10.  Lazulitopian (via J Lapis) “One who resides in a mental world of blue perfection; flourishing at optimal emotional, spiritual rest when surrounded, submerged in blue—all shades, all day and indigo night.”
  11.  Moje Dziecko (via Pat) Polish for “My Baby”
  12. Nudnik (via Cressida) Yiddish for a pestering, nagging, or irritating person; a bore.

Muore Lentamente

Helpless, as she muore lentamente,

I feel her smile roaring back

Like shutters freed in tempest.

She is a honey-peeler,

She is moje dzieko, a Lazulitopian

Spilling from pockets

Posthumously wrung.

I chase her blue eyes

As they swing from

The Gregorian Tree.

Chirping merry, my desire is makisig

And I haven’t the means to resist.

Listening to her jabber

I have reason to believe

That the seas are drowning,

That the sky is screaming

Free of vestment, free of nudniks

And gnarlers, free to gorge

Upon its infinite sorrows.

Without loss one cannot

Comprehend their errant sweetness.

If it were possible I would drift

Behind her breasts

Listening to the sound

Of her mad blood passing

Through the sluice of her heart.

I am red with envy, could she be?

But she isn’t mine and as she drags

Her final breath from the grave

For safe-keeping I know that she

Has never belonged to any man.

Though he be malakas or rich

He cannot calculate her worth.

I have been working on my CV today and it has thoroughly drained me. This wordle was tough and I am unsure if I used the words properly.