Festering Vengeance

I break each piece in half

And press those shivs,

With which my heart

Was once composed,

Into an envelop.

That gruesome parcel will arrive

Without fanfare or caveat

And you on opening

Will without thought, consume.

May those brutal lozenges

Lodge in your throat

Trapping your voice

And its deceptions forever

In a breathless barricade.

My love is a terrible thing.

I have trained my memories

So that I no longer favor you.

I have trained my flesh,

To accommodate the cold

Of your unsolicited absence.

I have plugged the holes

In my chest with strips

Of forgotten shirts and sewn tight

The aorta that my heart,

May, in its deadness, simmer.

There will be no sudden

Fits of mercy or amnesia.

Hate must be tended like a fire.

I will not ebb into forgiveness

Nor drain the venom

That you have injected.

I’ll let it kill me as surely

As I kill you and only then

Will I be satisfied.


Some time ago we did a series of prompts for which I gave only two words and asked the participants to embody the emotion or to create an experience based on the words. I had quite a bit of fun with that prompt series and so I gave myself these two words to work with. This is completely fictional.