Photo Challenge #86 and Wordle #224


image by Valentina Kallias ~ “Apocalypse Horseman Pestilence”

I dream of your translucent eyes

Raping my synapses, a thousand needles

Stunning that which they cannot picture.

Puckered platitudes pan over uproarious

And under-furnished landscapes.

Home must be a state within

If it is to be recaptured for nothing

Known could exist here.

You are a mystery, a spontaneous trip

Whereby the traveler divests himself

Of the grid and assumes the anonymity

With which nature first conceived him.

My vapid dance with death

Has given way to trampling,

Beneath my feet the blood flowers.

In the spin of an uncertain pestilence

I find myself vulnerable to forgiveness.

My seams seem to have adhered

Subconsciously to your ruined flesh.

What’s the difference you ask?

Humans have no regard at all

For their aspects and potentialities.

They speak of drowning as if they,

Still-standing, could grasp

The expansiveness of their being.



11 responses to “Photo Challenge #86 and Wordle #224

  1. This is a very intriguing and thought provoking – let’s muse on this awhile – response Yves!

    Some absolutely stunning lines – of course –
    My vapid dance with death
    Has given way to trampling,
    Beneath my feet the blood flowers. – bloody incredible series of lines here!

    Generally the flow from one stanza to the next really spins the tale of a universal human complexity – in relationship to highly personal relationships – well, at least, this is my “take” on this.

    There is much to consider here – the weight of the words and the images conjured – really amazing Yves 🙂

    thanks for your contribution to the prompt 🙂

  2. I think of two people with amazing eyes in which I could drown. One was a trickster who caused me twenty-six years of emotional devastation on and off. I couldn’t believe I was fool enough to let him back in a mere three years ago. There’s no fool like an old fool, I guess. He had enough of an impact on my psyche that his ghost appears sometimes in my writing, so to speak. Hint: he is never a hero.
    The other one is a beautiful being whose lovely eyes I have written about before. Those eyes are, sadly, now bewildered and terrified where they were once filled with an obvious intelligence and perceptiveness as well as revealing a gentle and somewhat melancholy soul.

    • Some people get into your bones and it is very hard to let go. When I was 12 I fell hard for a popular boy in my class and while it wasn’t exactly dating we did have a close relationship, it was very consuming (it became stalking). He became very possessive and was threatening my friends, calling me all hours of the day and night, etc. I ended it after about 2 years (he stabbed himself in response) it was tough but I told myself no more jerks. He wasn’t all bad because they never are, having someone give you 1000% of their attention is an unusual feeling when you’ve been invisible your whole life. Anyhow I promised myself no more jerks after that and I stuck to it. I married a nice guy but if this didn’t last forever as I want it to, there can’t be another. i hope the 2nd pair of eyes finds their way back to the light.

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