Writing Prompt #132 “Collage 10″

Collage 10

Bottom Left: Rossatty

It wasn’t my heart that was confused

But the stars themselves

Queer and dead what hope

Was there that our love would flourish?

We used to take the Ferris Wheel

In place of the stairs,

Riding high on the morphic sheen

Of our subliminal expectations.

We used to fashion satellites of paper

Letting them drift, aimless

From our open palms to the floor.

Do you remember the rocks

At the bottom of our fish tank?

The contracts and confabulations

That we used to crack open our bones

That we could drink from

The marrow of our being?

I remember tearing

Your still frantic body

From the gutter where it lay

Adjusting to the cataclysm

Of an ill-acquired wish.

I remember but it would be,

Better surely, if I could forget.

A quick write today. My birthday is today so I will likely be busy and unavailable a good portion of the day.