Mag 292

rabbit elaine usdin

photo by Elaine Usdin

I turned my soul inside out for you

Wept in phlegm, in blood, in motes of dust.

I painted my red lips Avian blue

In exchange for access to your guild

But having peeped I find it empty.

The rabbit having sprung from

My breast unannounced

Assures me admittance if only I follow.

My hips are wedges of granite

Crammed into a safari

That cannot be undertaken

Without a subsequent loss of life.

Nothing good comes from a tin can,

Lest of all a heart though I have been

Known to preserve in times of famine.

It is not what I lack but what you cannot

Seem to find that disturbs me.

There is always a watch spilling

From your fingertips, always a distraction.

Face down in a row of disposable cups

You haven’t even neglect to spare.

There is nothing, positively nothing

In you that should entice me

But to my consternation I wait.

I mean to murder you, to shrug you off

To indulge you through various modes of starvation.

I am a librarian, a codex, a purveyor of words

And fashions that are too monstrous to lend.


11 responses to “Mag 292

  1. I am insane over that picture.

    That second line is super-grosso … but great writing. I’m a bit fonder of the third line, though. 🙂

    In the second stanza, I think “sprang” should be “sprung.”

    I am fricking INSANE over this:
    “My hips are wedges of granite
    Crammed into a safari”

    This is brilliant love/like-philosophy:
    “It is not what I lack but what you cannot
    Seem to find” … Hey, yo, folks: Here I am, in all my awesomeness; you just can’t seem to access my greatness.

    That IS disturbing. Be it over friendships or romances, it just sucks when people can’t “find” your goodies. And why can’t they? They don’t bother looking, really. We’re all so guilty of that; just seeing what we want, and mostly thinking about ourselves rather than really digging into other people and peeling back their layers.

    I super-love this:
    “There is always a watch spilling
    From your fingertips” … I’m picturing the contents of watch: both springs and minutes/seconds.

    And this:
    “Face down in a row of disposable cups” … This makes me think of backyard parties. So beer if it’s an adult party or soda/Koolaid for a kid party. Drinking/consuming too much, either way. Probably a metaphor for having too many women.

    And this:
    “You haven’t even neglect to spare.” … Especially if he’s giving it up to a bunch of different chicks. He can’t even find time to neglect you properly. … Ooh, this would work for the speaker talking to her father, as well. Maybe he cheats, maybe he has too many kids, and/or maybe he’s an alcoholic. No matter what, the speaker feels beyond neglected, as if she’s just not on his list at all. Not even on the bottom of it. … I just love this line.

    The closing as well. I think you’re saying that if he wants you, he’s going to have to buy you for keeps. No mere “checking you out” or trying to “read you” for a while. You want to belong to him forever.

    • You are right about that I am grammatically impaired lol It is gross I thought so too!

      You are so right about that too. Even if we see something amazing we generally try to destroy it, out of one of our own petty emotions

      You definitely understood clearly the sense of neglect the speaker feels

      Thank you so much for your kind words!

  2. So effortlessly engaging and mind provoking especially the words in stanza 3. I like your interpretation of the image, it is just so simple yet flowing, open and direct.

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