Photo Challenge #85 and Wordle #223


“Decompose” by zaldy icaonapo

My name feels too small

Though I have bled for the right to wield it

And would bleed again if passion warranted.

The only voice that could indoctrinate me

Is the one that rages in my unspoken depths.

Though the wind bids me otherwise

I remain inflexible, willing to compromise

Only when I have determined the stakes.

I toss your weeping body into the fire

Words dissipating into a dusty blue,

Heart a vessel for skipping stones.

However apt, a wish cannot save

The veins from their rapacious thirst.

I search for happiness but it does not search for me.

Whatever the cage, love always manages to sneak through

Whether in or out it is impossible to determine.

I have seen the decay beneath the prism of your smile.

I have tasted death prematurely and wherever the ides settle

I am certain to have been indignant to their passage.

How we waste, decomposing and autumnal

In the mist of such wondrous brevity.

Time never applies in the pursuit of ecstasy

Only in the pursuit of applause

So take what you need and get on with it.


Don’t feel I did justice to these gorgeous prompts. I am suffering from Zombie Brain. I have had a really hard time falling asleep lately with all the chaos. When I finally did manage to fall asleep last night, it was very deep but I don’t exactly seem to be waking up lol