Poetry Prompt 31 – The OctPoWriMo Journey

Whatever you begin

It must not have an end

Otherwise you’ll be left directionless

Repeating those excursions

Already undertaken.

Farewells bleed into

The opposite, into the seldom greetings

Of friends we do not really know.

A goal must be promised

With another in mind.

We are students, our conflicts

Force propulsion, teach us

In ways our peace cannot.

Everyone I know surpasses

Their current expectations while

I continue to circle the drain.

Being alive is rarely easy

But it is hardly nothing, a chance

Is still a chance and I can’t take

Another loss by default.

With mincing steps

I shuffle the dirt, a wayfarer

Wafer-thin and breathless.

A very simple piece written in great fatigue. Kids are so loud, so very loud. I feel like I am underwater. I wouldn’t know an arse from a teakettle right now.