For this challenge we were asked to read our favorite poem and I wasn’t sure if she meant a poem I had written or a poem written by someone else. So I went with someone else (I have many favorites btw), that someone else being Jim Carroll. The poem is simply titled Poem as are many of his poems. Jim Carroll’s poems are hard to find online and are too difficult for me to format so this time you will have to listen muhahaha.

Listen Here

And then a poem from me using the word cues in the prompt


An inauspicious moon pulls the veil

Over her pale face and in her obfuscation

The wolves skulk off, steady paws

Plowing the raving earth for bones.

Your smile, hangs sanguine

On the cusp of imaginings.

Optimism has lost its buoyancy

And with each knock I slip

Deeper into the house

Afraid of what lies behind

That once confident threshold.

Now I retreat, innards gone,

Cavities re-stuffed with

My own pessimistic blather.

Pandora’s box sits on

The edge of the kitchen table,

The contents rushing out

In a vast and terrible parade.

I catch the sun’s beaming face

Through a chink in the blinds,

Those glimpses weaving within me

A positively ravenous curiosity.

I unpack myself and

In the midst of my turmoil

Head out into uncertain streets.



13 thoughts on “Poetry Prompt 28 – Will You Accept This Challenge?

      1. Have just ordered Fear of Dreaming. I know my wife loves the film of the Basketball Diaries, so may order the book for Christmas “for her” 🙂

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