Week 84

My heart grows like acanthus

Vertical, enduring, wild even in captivity.

I brush my auburn hair back

And lift my head high.

My smile is a flare,

My tumultuous eyes

Two rival seas pawing the horizon.

The sun may shine brighter

But unlike the sun I do not elapse

Behind the might of transitory nimbus.

I am strong and haunted

Just as a woman ought to be.

A dollhouse is no haven,

The universe is my home

And nothing less could contain me,

For I have so many roles.

We are all accountable

For the state of our lives,

No one else can rescue or fix

For we are not broken,

Imperfect yes but in those birthmarks

Our sacred power.

I am precisely as intended

Though some may regard me as loathsome,

Though some may fear my will.

I am myself. I am a woman.



I was given the challenge to write an empowerment poem. This was tough, I am sitting here listening to Maya Angelou now she knows how to write an empowerment poem!

I am combining two challenges in a simple way “2 lies and 1 truth” and “Your Childhood Favorite” Leave your guesses in the comments =)

  1. My favorite childhood toy was a My Little Pony named Rosebud. She was light yellow with light pink hair and light pink eyes. I watched My Little Ponies everyday as a child and collected them. In fact I still have a sizable collection which I have since passed on to my own daughter.

  2. My favorite childhood toy wasn’t so much as a toy rather it was a small music box given to me by my mom on my birthday. I loved music as a kid and it was a way to distract myself from the terrible things happening around me. The music box is now in the drawer by my bed.

  3. My favorite childhood toy was a stuffed bunny my grandmother gave me when I was born. Originally the bunny had a white dress and held a carrot but those were lost and so I came to think of the bunny as male. My uncle ripped off one of the legs and my grandma sewed it back with heavy black threads. I still have the bunny in a box where I keep treasured items.


34 thoughts on “Wordle #84 and 2 Lies and 1 Truth and Childhood Favorite

    1. Thank you so much Phylor =) Nope not #2 I don’t think I had a music box, however, I did love music and I listened to the radio, records, tapes, and yes 8 tracks as a means of escaping to a happier place. There is a little truth sprinkled in my lies as well lol

  1. PS: with permission, I’d like to cut and paste your poem with full accreditation (of course) over to my blog.
    I could use such a fine poem of empowerment as a daily reminder.

  2. I couldn’t have hope for a finer poem in response. The first seven lines are my favorites. Thank you for writing this. I agree that this would make for a great daily reading.

    It reminds me of this:

  3. How could one even guess at the truth and lies of another?
    I like the empowerment of your piece. Because it also lifts me up.
    Thanks for visiting; Spanning the Breech… because eventually that too may happen. Without having to change who I am. πŸ™‚

  4. Well Yves …. I’ll take a stab in the dark – and say the “truth” is #3 – the bunny – somehow I can’t even begin to imagine you playing with “my little ponies” other than to rip them to pieces and rearrange them in another fashion …. (don’t ask me why I have the idea and of course – I could be dead wrong) …..

    Right …. onto the poem – another very simply worded (but great use of the wordle words) that really speaks – so clearly – honestly – of empowerment. As many have already commented – this is one truly open – honest and very life affirming poem – it offers truth in self-acceptance and the right to be just who you are – and I would say – Maya Angelou has definitely influenced your writing style in this piece – giving it a very powerfully defined voice.

    Well done πŸ™‚

    1. You are right about the bunny Pat XD While I hated dolls, barbies and the like I did actually love My Little Ponies. True story, when I was young I played outdoors a lot, I also like listening to stories and coloring so I didn’t play with them that much when it was age appropriate. I played with them a lot between 12-16. Yes 16 Pat, don’t judge me lol You see I loved making up stories (surprise) and I would make up stories and act them out with the ponies. Since I only ever had one friend at a time, it was impractical for us to be every one in the stories (also sort of impossible) and therefore easier to use them (even though weren’t we technically still everyone?). Using them also helped me avoid my physical awkwardness, lack of coordination. I was always the males though and the stories were surprisingly complex (I could make my friend laugh or cry or whatever, we were acting but in a more cowardly way lol). I am an embarrassing person =)

      Thank you so much Pat for your lovely words =)

      1. You are SO NOT an embarrassing person … seriously ….

        okay …. I’m confused … so was it “truth” that the bunny was your favourite …. or not …. because I guessed that #3 was truth.

        As for My Little Ponies …. ahem … who exactly deems “age appropriate”? Some stupid label on a box? Other people? Give yourself a break —- how many adults are wandering the world and are still fascinated with marbles, or Tonka trucks and Hot Wheels (race cars on tracks)?

        The “thing” about toys … well … they are means and ends that stimulate the imagination, creativity and dexterity … a complex dynamic that can be explored at any age … so whether you really discovered and enjoyed them more at a “later age” doesn’t matter …. what counts is that in that time …. you were able to create and use them in ways that were useful to you …. and when available “friends” are limited in number …. we do the best we can with them … and co-create in all kinds of ways …. and that’s okay …. because the “acting out of stories” is indeed part of an essence of us – as well as integral to our psychological growth and development …. and for the “artsy fartsy types like us – who create stories through words – which then can be spun into actions – even with toys or dolls or what have you” – well it’s all very theatrical …. and also a form of “therapy” – a way of trying to “understand and make sense of the world at large … and of our own personal places – even if we aren’t quite cognizant of it at those younger ages πŸ™‚

      2. There is an element of truth in my lies. So I did play with ponies but the pony described though owned was not my favorite. Everything about # 3 was true though, so #3 is correct. You make a good point Pat and you can’t imagine how much I learned about my friend from playing ponies. How much people reveal without realizing and I want to know everything there is to know about being human. Later instead of playing ponies I wrote stories with others. But those experiences actually really helped me as a writer because you get to see how real people respond and react to things. You learn to put yourself in someone else’s head.

      3. You learn to put yourself in someone else’s head.

        Yup ….. that is indeed a very powerful truth …. for those who are on the look-out …. searching and seeing and processing …..

        Great … thanks for the clarification about the bunny.

        LOL …. There is an element of truth in my lies.

        All lies contain some strands of truth woven into them … sometimes seamlessly, in other fabrics – well the definitions are clearly marked …. it’s about how well you can conceive and fabricate with what one usually, in the moment, hopes is impunity πŸ˜‰

      4. All poets are chameleons and perhaps even liars to some degree because damn it we have to milk every experience even if we have to make up the experience lol

      5. very true …besides …. what possible distinction can be made between one person’s “truth” and another’s “lies”? πŸ˜‰

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