Breathe deeply, count silently

Do not let them hear you,

Those stars which pry

Endearments from the belly.

My heart rings like tinnitus

There is nothing for it,

Intimacy requires a depth

Seldom sought for lack of energy.

Anything can be a weapon

But love should never be used as such.

With enough practice

I might really become someone,

Though who or what I cannot say.

To think of all the graves

I have inadvertently walked over

Of all those subterranean tenets

Picking worms from their crevices.

Their salubrious fluids, their flesh,

Food for the enigmatic mother.

One day I too shall lie down

In flame and become as dust

Intangible once cast out

But until I die I will cherish

Life, however, impossible it becomes.

There need not be a reason

To love and perhaps it is

Better not to have one

For there exists too many

Expectations as is.

One must develop a fondness

For uncertainty if he is ever to know.

When you come I will run

Into your arms and in that warmth

A transformation is certain

To take place for it is a miracle

To find someone with whom

You can share yourself

However, prolific or insufficient

Those selves prove to be.



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