A hush falls over my malingering bones

Between the sheets and the aftermath,

Clumsiness rears it’s unsightly head.

Down is the only direction that I have

Ever known, there is no escaping

Falls taken in the name of allegiance.

Good girls never abandon their lessons.

How I long to be courageous,

Independent and idealistic.

Justice has little to do with the trials of men.

Know that I never stopped struggling,

Love was the source of all

My apologies and in the end there is

Nothing more or less than

Our own willingness to live.

Passion has carried me through the

Quick and the quintessential.

Resolve is everything in world that

Suspects everyone, in a world

That screams out for genius but

Understands nothing of ipseity.

Virtue is for those who haven’t become jaded

Whatever the circumstances spent to dissuade them.

Xenolithic, I droop by the water’s edge

Yearning for a friend who understands.

Zero is the only cipher deep enough to contain me.




It was tough going from A-Z and simultaneously trying to incorporate this awesome song!!! On another note I have 5 tests this week. I am taking the National Prov. If I pass I will complete SFI (Swedish for immigrants). I am extremely nervous. If I pass this will be a major accomplishment for me personally as I started it many years ago but left because of physical and mental illness. If I do not pass I will continue on until December and try again. I had my spoken interview today. It did not go as well as I hoped. SFI is the first program, it has 4 levels. After SFI there is SVA. SVA has majors so to speak. I am not sure which majors are available, certainly not all, but it is far more intensive.

12 thoughts on “Music Prompt #12 and A, B, C, easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. I had no idea that you were doing the ABC prompt, even though your title said so; I forgot all about it. I can’t believe how smoothly this flows.

    I love these lines:
    “Good girls never abandon their lessons.”
    “Xenolithic, I droop by the water’s edge”
    “Zero is the only cipher deep enough to contain me.”

  2. I think you did a really brilliant job of exploring the poetry form and combining it so well with a music prompt – and – the lines and language used – as well as the images stirred – totally thought provoking and deep.

    There is a sense of of the struggle and efforts one lives and breathes each day – it lingers so well in these words Yves. Great job. 🙂

    And I hope that you passed all your tests … so we wait to hear!

    1. I believe the results come in on Tuesday. I truly have no idea. I am not completely sure of the grading criteria and because of the length of the ordeal I started to get tired and a little bonkers by the end. Thank you so much this one was fun but also a challenge

      1. Well …. sending you good thoughts and wishes so that all will be well …. and hopefully you’ll have the results when you think …. nothing like waiting …. ugh!

  3. This really speaks to what those involved in domestic violence situations undergo. Those who have never been there get on their high horse, asking why s/he doesn’t just leave. They don’t realize the toll it takes psychologically as well as physically.
    My aunt was battered by her first husband for 25 years. She was afraid if she left that he’d kill her. She was afraid she’d lose their kids. Once most of the kids were grown, she started trying to get away. She and my two female cousins lived with us for a while. It was stressful. My older cousin who is my age has a lot of problems, and she stole things from me as well as belittling me constantly. There was also strife between my mother and my aunt, as they are radically different personalities.
    I haven’t been the victim of physical abuse as often as I have of psychological abuse, but it took me many years to realize that I was worth saving.

    peppersfetch dot blogspot dot com

    1. I was in a situation of abuse my dad is a violent man who has been in jail for attempted murder, he also nearly beat his first wife to death before fleeing the state. I was afraid of coming to my mom and telling her about being molested because I knew she’d confront him and that would put her in harm’s way. I also don’t think people realize the amount of brainwashing that is employed in abuse. There is a lot of psychological torture going on as well and it takes a huge toll. I am so glad you realized that because you absolutely are.

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