#OctPoWriMo Day 7: the road less traveled

The phosphorescence of your eyes

Exhumes darkness where

Nothing vertebrate exists.

I travel the length

Of your interstitial conscious,

We are one and we are every.

I have spent too much time

Face first conjugating the dust

Of my former inquiries.

I have failed to shift the stasis,

To usurp the unbloomed chrysalis.

I am broken, that much is impartial,

But the breath within me still

Draws from the well within you.

I could never have loved this hard

Had I been fashioned only of ideals.

I am real despite artificiality and organics.

I am real despite the demarcations of fiction.

I am real because I understand the reasons

Why we pretend and the impetus

To create even when nothing is at hand.



11 responses to “#OctPoWriMo Day 7: the road less traveled

  1. The opening lines – they make me feel as if you’re plumbing the depths of an ocean – where at the very bottom, there is life that thrives in the blackest of spaces – in silence …. interesting metaphors to consider –
    The phosphorescence of your eyes
    Exhumes darkness where
    Nothing vertebrate exists.

    I love these lines:
    I have spent too much time
    Face first conjugating the dust

    Brilliant – cycling from water to earth – ashes to ashes etc. moving to the cocoon that shelters and allows for growth, but not being able to break free … and fly.

    The entire piece is fascinating … at least my interpretations and feelings about it …. because sometimes “stasis” offers just as much life in that particular “death cycle” – until light can penetrate and we begin to understand, despite how draining, tiring, energy sucking it all is.

    Another wonderful read Yves 🙂

    • Thank you and you are so right! If you weren’t so positive about my work I would think you were a voice in my own head because you just get me, and when I read your work I am nodding my head.

      • LOL … well would it be pretentious to say “great minds think alike”? XD

        Seriously …. despite the “dark content” – I think it’s important to seek the honesty in the truth – with compassion … because that is part of what helps us heal and move forwards, in understanding, even if it doesn’t necessarily feel like we are getting anywhere ….

        and thanks for the compliment …. it’s good to know that someone understands … because, as you know, sometimes in this process …. we, ourselves, don’t even know where we’re heading 🙂

  2. I know i’m probably going to sound like a reality show judge, but i have to say here that this is seriously inspiring stuff. You must be so proud of yourself! This made me fall in love and i wasn’t even high!
    And the wisdom hidden in those layers is radiant.
    We just can’t help creating. Like an artist who constantly yearns to reflect all of his unending inspiration in each of his works, all his life looking for that one painting or poem or performance that will satisfy the source and let his soul rest for a bit, each masterpiece missing just one piece. And as he gathers all those missing single pieces he weaves a whole puzzle that he realizes is his life’s work. I wonder though, if in the end (if there is one) he finds satisfaction.
    I had come here to congratulate you on this lovely creation of yours, but couldn’t stop from going on and on. So I’ll just stop now.
    And, congratulations again!

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