Writing Prompt #127 “NoEnd House Part 7″ and OctPoWriMo Day 1

Nodus Tollens

Spools of cumulus

Shift my perceptions,

A canvas swallowed

By its own immensity.

Birds spill from their featureless eaves

Gathering taffeta in their gilded beaks,

A Rorschach of conjectures

Unspoken but for laughter.

My soul searches the whiteness

For innocence and on finding

Nothing comparable settles

Savagely into its own blackness.

A firmament damp with tears

Frees itself from

The panes of my fixed gaze,

Nothing falls from above.

The animals in their silence

Unravel, migrating

To a decaying pasture in the west.

Blue erodes to charcoal

The same spectrum

As your disembodied soul.

I count each of our deaths

On my outstretched fingers,

The sun melting

Through reels of nostalgia.

Nothing worth having comes

With the security of explanation.

I have felt things which terrorize

Even in daylight.

I have been and then again

I have ceased.

This plot does not favor

The narrator and the audience

Is too often indifferent.

There is no reason

To depress these black keys

But I must if I am still to breathe.

Where is joy

That so few find her

And why is she so thrifty?

Must one suffer for art

As the clouds through

Continual reinvention?




16 responses to “Writing Prompt #127 “NoEnd House Part 7″ and OctPoWriMo Day 1

  1. I wish I knew what was going on behind “the audience is too often indifferent”. Personally, I make great effort to be receptive, involved–but on occasion, sometimes, I don’t know what to say in the Comment box.

    • I wasn’t speaking of you guys! But as a writer you do meet a lot of rejection and then there are so many people who just don’t “get” poetry or perhaps the reason for arts in general. When people ask what I do or about my hobbies/passions and I mention poetry they are completely uninterested or they might say that it is great but they would never read my poetry even if they like poetry (perhaps to avoid awkwardness if it sucks?).

      • Wow–I guess I just lost respect for a whole population of people who evidently treated you with utmost disrespect for your passions and considerable talent. That’s pathetic, truly ignorant and pathetic. Now I’m wondering if they’re brain surgeons, cancer researchers, or just playing video games all day….(yes, I’m a bit angry).

      • Thank you for getting fired up on my behalf you are a good friend. When it is real life people that you care about and have known for years that stings a bit.

  2. Nothing worth having comes
    With the security of explanation.

    What an interesting line. I had to stop and think about it. Explanation is security in understanding, but how boring to know life through second hand knowledge.

    Where is joy
    That so few find her
    And why is she so thrifty?

    Is probably my fav part, addressing joy – the questioning of her ways. Suffering is part of life. And some days it reminds us we are still living.

  3. I’ve read this several times and each brings me deeper into a level of different thoughts and ideas – all running within the same threads and seams.

    I could spend the day signalling out all the powerful lines – but then I’d just be re-writing this piece. There are some true “clinchers” here – that impart the intensity of the impact of the other lines – in each stanza they exist – and what can I say of the flow? It works as a – well almost as a dirge – a mournful tune that starts slowly and builds – but I am not suggesting a “pity me moment” – for there is no feeling of this at all.

    This piece Yves – really answers the prompts – especially the No End House #7 extremely well. But even if it wasn’t written for a prompt or two, it would be the stand-out that it is. 🙂

    • Thank you so much! I am especially surprised to hear that I have managed a flow. To my own way of being their exists a flow but I am rather like static with some creepy reels thrown in for good measure so it is not always the most aesthetically pleasing aspect of my writing haha Nodus Tollens is a such an intriguing concept.

      • Well I *still* think there is a flow to the piece – even if it’s a slice of images …. perhaps “caught” in my mind – a piece of film caught on the take up reel – skipping … but you’re right …. Nodus Tollens is an intriguing concept – and as a writing prompt, it offers such a blown open field of possibilities …..

      • I’m thinking on it – and not thinking on it …. as in – I just might look at the caption and let rip into riot … I have no clue … yet 😉 (and for what it’s worth the “yet” is usually what gets me into a heap of trouble 😉 )

  4. Must one suffer for art

    As the clouds through

    Continual reinvention?

    I think we do just that; continual reinvention every dawn. Every time we pick up a pen to jot thoughts or tip-tap on keyboards looking for keys.
    Where is joy? If she remains elusive I’m just going to have to make my own! Hugs. And thanks for your visit to my latest ‘room’.

  5. This plot does not favor
    The narrator and the audience
    Is too often indifferent…

    There could be dearth of life when it comes to past days and memories… I think your post points out to that feeling, maybe…
    I love the poem… Sending best wishes. Aquileana 🐉☀️

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