Collage 7

Poem Title: Grenade

I pluck, shuck, and bury

My dreams deep.

Flower grenades

And happenstance,

The only impossibility

Is letting go. I am fragile

Invertebrate, the prize

Within a shell

That has endured

Beyond advantage.

I am a ballet performed

In a sling, silently

Beneath a canopy

Of disintegrated rainbows.

I am independently capsizing,

Undefinable given chase.


27 thoughts on “Writing Prompt #126 “Collage 7″

  1. That is the problem with shells. We retreat inside them to protect ourselves and too often get trapped inside them. That is a rather lonely and sad ballet.

    Sorry I have been silent. Had a friend pass away this week.

  2. A dream… in some we are chased – and we just can’t figure out why.

    I always wonder why I dream of people I no longer have or want contact with. And ‘undefinable given chase’ seems to fit as a good definition for that.

  3. This is such a “short and sweet” piece – full of such incredibly powerful metaphors and images that speak to the darkness of dreams stalled, hidden, of lack of self-confidence and the awareness of it – yet the deep driving desire to pursue – and be pursued, haunted by fears and “failures.” Once again Yves – another stunning poem. 🙂

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