Wordle #113


Her giggle shatters in my wake

Scoops the moonshine

From its anguished cage

And sends it chattering into

A blustering, cinereous sky.

My sides split and crazy cuts it way

Through the caves inside my head.

Common sense does not exist

When held under such a fearful load.

What a farce it all is?!

If there is anything I can take away

It is this never trust a smiling woman.


Short, silly, and a bit nonsensical. A lot of social anxiety today. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is (actually maybe I can because I wager some of you know already) to have the words fall apart as soon as they leave your mouth. I am humbled everyday by my blundering idiocy.


18 responses to “Wordle #113

    • Thank you so much. Social anxiety is strenuous I have missed out on some important opportunities because I was too “shy”. Including getting my poetry out there. I do not dislike people or anything but I have definitely seen the dark side of human nature. I have been observing people more and I am seeing that a lot of people are struggling fiercely with their own issues, I try to remind myself we are all in this together but I still freeze up and panic.

      • Some people do and I have seen my share of the ugly ones but I have also met some beautiful people too and I think over all people are good (in groups people get psycho sometimes, I think the group mentality scares me, more than any particular individual)

  1. I think society has shaped how people conceive things in an entirely different way. And if we don’t know ourselves well, we might be led to believe their kind of truth.

  2. You’re putting yourself down again Yves. Your stuff is great. I agree social anxiety is a bummer. I’ve been around quite a while now and I’ve learnt one thing, people are people. They can be many things and not all of them good. When you find a perfect person let me know and I’ll watch out for those pigs flying overhead.

  3. I just read in a great essay on fear by the poet Mary Ruefle, “The British psychoanalyst D.W. Winnicott believed artists were people driven by the tension between the desire to communicate and the desire to hide.” I get that, for sure. We are all fortunate to find a place, or places, where we feel we don’t have to hide. And to get somewhat comfortable with the idea that we’re going to be uncomfortable in certain situations we can’t avoid. There can be a certain comfort in knowing the discomfort is coming, and not worrying about avoiding it or trying to mitigate it, just rolling with it and observing it. I got off my original point, but I’m okay with that, too!

    • That sounds like an interesting article Jeff, one I will have to look up. I absolutely understand that dynamic. I feel comfortable with my husband and here at my blog but outside of that not so much. We had to speak to each other in a small group inc class yesterday in Swedish and on the one hand I was excited to get to know my classmates better and to get some actual practice speaking. I jumped in with a positive attitude but ending with people telling me to breathe and relax. You know like the whole circle is like concerned because apparently I was really shaking. Thanks so much Jeff for your fantastic comment!

      • Transtromer, who just died in March, is my favorite poet. I’ve read his work translated by at least a dozen English-speaking poets, and the same impression that you’re dealing with a keen analytical mind still not afraid to be wonderstruck by the world comes through in all versions. “The great enigma” is a solid collection, with translations by Scottish poet Robin Fulton. Robert Hass also edited a Selected Poems, with over half a dozen different translators. And Robert Bly has also translated selected poems of Transtromer’s in a book called “The Half Finished Heaven.” Check him out. He’s really great.

  4. Ha ha ha. This is hilarious. 🙂 “Never trust a smiling woman.” That is PRICELESS!!! And I thought it was, “Never trust a woman.” 😉

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