My heart is a bridge

Connecting one island to the next,

A wilderness hewn of both rock and bear.

You cannot escape me,

Retreat as often as you like

I am unstoppable,

Unstable at the best of times.

An angel fallen and passed

Round the bend

There are no lanes and no meadows

In which I might seek

Direction or solace.

I am devastating

In the fervid deforestation

Of my nomenclature.

A poem for a posy,

A poem for a mind split

Along the sieves.

I bandage my wounds in vowels,

In ink and holy water

As if I were significant.

I am only me and my words come

From the very same ruined heart,

Sometimes at great expense

But the charge is as it should be,

For I am nothing if not free.


4 thoughts on “Wordle #115

  1. Sheesh. This is awesome! I’m going to read this a million times! Really, I can’t even quote favorite lines; it’s all so good.

  2. I feel like that went from 6 to midnight in no time at all(my heart is a bridge- YOU CAN NOT ESCAPE ME… holy shit!) …I was not prepared.That’s not a bad thing- it just surprised me.

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