Human Emotion Happiness–

My heart is only

A nick, a valley carved

By years of erroneous weather.

Your smile is an eviction,

A dash of joy like sunlight

Fleeing through parted blinds.

My life, being dehydrated,

Carries with it the constant

Threat of drowning.

Your life precedes gravity

And all its crude assumptions.

Denial does not yield

Freedom, however, fiercely

The trick is applied.

Try as I might

I can find no tread

Within this artificial flood.

You suffer no such compulsions

And as others subside into

Their respective apathies

You are still dreaming,

Buoyant as a Spring shower.



7 thoughts on “Wordle #217 and Photo Challenge #79

  1. I adore that photo!!!

    “My heart is only” … So right off the bat, the first line break tells us that you’re alone. It speaks of a death or a breakup. Or even just extreme loneliness. The subsequent lines tell us that your heart has been completely flattened. 😦

    “Your smile is an eviction” … Good heavens, that is a killer line of poetry. Sheesh, I love that. So this is obviously someone you’d take back in a heartbeat, but he’s a tease. A player, I presume.

    I love love love the whole second stanza. Super creative. And the third is just as awesome. Oh forget it. The whole poem. Man, it sucks that the best poems have to be so sad. But it always seems to be the way it goes, doesn’t it? 🙂 Hopefully it’s all fiction and you’re gonna have the very best day ever. In fact, I prophesy it over you. I’m going to lift you up all day long in thought and prayer; you are smothered in well-wishes and blessings today, sister. Feel it, okay?

    1. It is a fabulous photo and it makes me feel alive just looking at it. First let me comfort you with the knowledge that this is fiction, actually a lot of my Wordles are. I tend to write fictional stories, characters and fill them up with my own emotions. Hubbie says he can always tell exactly how I feel when he reads one of my poem even if the entire scenario is a lie. I like the sad ones too. Thank you so much for your amazing and generous comments and your heart-warming vibes!

  2. Your opening image is amazing. The heart as a chasm worn down over time by the elements. Like the grand canyon had to start somewhere and the continual wearing over time created such a hole. There is certainly no freedom in denial, the chains are still there. You make an interesting contrast between the freedom they have in that last stanza and your own position.

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