Week 79

The cold caress of pelagic eyes

Over my still dripping wounds,

Once enunciated rejection is futile.

What chance offered could be seized?

An organic cynosure,

A fearsome mermaid

Glazed in salt and sand with skin

The color of unshucked oysters.

My heart is a harbor

Into which ships stowaway

Silent as spoons.

Hands raw with distress

I mount the embankment,

A barb-wire smile

Bubbling up from the blue.

I am prepared to die,

To have my sinews

Picked clean and ingested.


9 thoughts on “Wordle #79

  1. Yikes. Kinda gruesome close on this one. Can you imagine Prometheus. Chained to a rock and to live as they picked your bones clean. The heart as a harbor, all the ships locked tight in their moors is an effective metaphor, reminds me a bit of Bob Kauffman, which is a good thing. Probably my fav poem by him. Nice layering in the last stanza too, the barbed wire adds to that feeling of the locked tight harbor.

  2. So what strikes me about the popular “unshucked oysters” line is this: How could one know the color of unshucked oysters, as it’s impossible to ever see? So we can assume the same is true of the mermaid’s skin.

    So the way I read this, you are actually the mermaid. But I think you’re willing to sacrifice yourself to save the one(s) in your heart by leaving the water. Either you’ll die in this sacrifice, or you’ll become a human (like Ariel in The Little Mermaid), in which case, being eaten is probably a metaphor for the way humans cause each other so much pain. Living under the ocean is probably much calmer … but for the sharks. 😛

    1. The sharks are pretty nerve-wracking and I can’t even think about the deep sea. I mean how can we even question aliens exist, knowing the madness that lurks in our very own ocean. Thank you so much love your version!

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