Writing Prompt #125 “NoEnd House Part 6″


Her cloven eyes do not escape

The looking glass, a coven

Of intermediaries and disguises.

A siren that orders men

With a treacherous wink

And a scandal of silk,

Barely adequate.

Carmine lips recede

In a mute flash of nocturnal envy.

What happens in the dark

Leaves a treble in the voice.

She scares easily

And to her own detriment.

There is no might left in her heart

Only an impossible pressure

Like the swelling of smoke

Behind a cast iron door.

She is not one to take risks

But here she endures,

Grim-faced and dispassionate.

A hand that does not listen

But climbs the ghost of her curves

In search of something irreplaceable.

A womb, scooped pelvis

Empty as a Jack-O-Lantern

There is nothing left of her now.






10 responses to “Writing Prompt #125 “NoEnd House Part 6″

  1. By the end, I was thinking of the emptiness that we try to fill. Perhaps with sex, or power – to make ourselves feel. And then of course the loss that can happen when it is taken away. The very end I was thinking of a woman losing the ability to give birth and bring life and how that affects her.

    • I wonder where that emptiness comes from as so many humans whatever their circumstances seem to have their share of holes, is it an aspect of the human condition or a failing of society? Having the choice taken from you is a painful thing indeed

      • I think our holes are there so that we will seek the Holy Spirit in order to be filled. It’s the only thing that gives me any peace, anyway. We stick EVERYTHING we can think of in those holes, even when we know better. Even when we’ve known better all our lives. I always go back to those Israelites, wandering in the desert, setting up idols. Even when we’ve known the Lord intimately, we still worship all kinds of other things. Obviously, we are not worthy of His love, but he keeps offering it anyway. I’m such a mess, but that gift of filling and fulfillment is always extended to me, for whenever I do decide to accept it (again and again).

      • Even when we know better, isn’t that the truth! Just trying to eat healthy is a major challenge because we crave all the wrong foods. I am so happy that you have found such peace in your beliefs, that is a blessing indeed.

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