Music Prompt #9 “The Beigeness” performed by Kate Tempest

Apathy defeats

The purpose of sentience.

I cannot relieve a man the

Ruse that has become his faith

If I don’t myself consider.

I occupy the same conditions

And conditionals

If others prosper it’s not because

They have escaped defeat.

Uncertainty is a sign of maturity,

Admitting that we don’t know

Is the first step in seeking truth.

It’s not emotions that are extreme

It’s the procedures employed to deflect them.

There’s no placebo person place or otherwise

That’s going to make me feel better

If my only purpose is to exert identity.

Denial doesn’t hinder evolution

We’re stumbling forward blind or otherwise.

There’s no fighting the rhythms,

There’s no forcing out the Tao.

Every breath is another shot in the face.

Tears make adequate shivs

Your Glasgow grin isn’t convincing anyone

It’s okay come as you are.

The only monster inside is fear,

The mask that we mistake for a better face

Is just another conduit for the stars.


I am having trouble with my vision again which is making it hard to keep up on my reading and honestly it is making it hard to write. I find the shadows and headaches very distracting.


11 responses to “Music Prompt #9 “The Beigeness” performed by Kate Tempest

  1. A very thought-provoking poem with such an important message.

    (I’m so sorry to hear about your vision problems. I really can empathize to some degree. I’m grateful that the blurry one-eyed vision that was growing progressively worse last year could be corrected by cataract surgery. It’s still hard for me to focus when I read the print in books, but I’m able to do some many more things. I hope your vision improves, too, and I send you hugs and healing thoughts. ❤ )

    • Thank you so much Carol for your kind words and consideration. I am so happy that your Glaucoma surgery was a success. I unfortunately have a set of problems that are presently inoperable. My mom has the same exact set of conditions and she is in the same boat. Her vision has deteriorated further than mine but given everything her vision isn’t nearly as bad as they’d expect. Right now I am having trouble with eye fatigue since I started school up again I have to do a lot more focused reading and it is just getting to be too much.

      • I’m so sorry to hear that there are no procedures to help with your vision (or your mother’s). I wonder if some of the materials you need to read for school are available as audio tapes? or if you have access to voice recognition software that can help, at least with with first drafts when you write? It might give you some time to let your eyes rest…

        I do send you healing thoughts ❤

  2. Uncertainty is def a sign of maturity. The older I get the more I realize I do not know. The less I am sure of.

    Sorry to hear about your vision. I think I am about to have to get glasses myself for reading. The last couple years I def see the deterioration.

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