Week 78

Your blood burns

My throat like razorwine.

Drunk to the coffers

I have nothing left

Worthy of enunciation.

A grating silence

Geminates out of control

We have become puppets

To the same inept moon.

Stygian and sour

We rape the sky

Of all its accouterments.

Technicolor stars spilling

Between the torsion

Of gnashing teeth.

We are not rare amongst men.

We are indigenous to pain

An offense to the powers

That rendered us,

An affront to the madness

We claim, we claim, we claim.





10 thoughts on “Wordle #78

  1. “I have nothing left
    Worthy of enunciation.”

    Man, I have felt this way a zillion times. I get past it and start writing again, worthy or not. I think we can lose sight of our purpose in writing. For me personally, it is not to entertain or impress others; nor is it to express what’s eating at me. Really, it’s just to make myself laugh and to have some fun. Each writer has his/her own personal intentions in writing, but when I reconnect with mine, that’s when I think it’s “worthy of enunciation.”

    I LOVE the way you misspelled “accoutrements.” You pretty much stuck the word “cooter” in the middle of it. 🙂 And it doesn’t make me think of turtles, I’ll tell you that!

    My other favorites are the last stanza (great sound) and the line “We rape the sky.”

    1. Well that is as good a reason as ever I heard =) I suffer from emotional constipation when I don’t write I become even more unstable and disconnected than usual. For a while I thought writing might be removing me too much from reality but actually the reverse has proven true. Did I misspell it spellcheck is not informing me.

  2. We have become puppets to the same inept moon.
    What are we acting? Is it all just some play, and can we break out
    of the script and forge a different way?

  3. I wouldn’t worry about spell check…European and English spellings do differ slightly and since I got the drift…

    I can place many a mortal in the role you have envisioned.
    But I also think many of the Greater and Lesser Gods can fit the description that you have given.

    Thanks for a great list of words.

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