Collage 6

The wilderness thickens as I

Draw nearer the shore.

The stillness is savage

To my untrained ear

Like a bird of prey

Millimeters away

From a forgetful corpse.

In a chair the color of wept sunsets

I bleed poems from both callus and debris.

Young and cautiously permeable

I have known taboos which are

Unspeakable without euphemism

To the grave of an infancy

Sired by stone angels and brutality

To a femininity that sours on ripening.

The ability to freeze time

Requires only attention

To stand naked under

A solitary light and announce

Without reverence or revulsion

The name you have been given.

I will discard that name

With all its fictitious counterparts.

I will be a gypsy fueled

By the currents of earth and sea.

To each soul that I greet

I will pass on a piece of myself

So innocuous they will take it

At once to be there own

Like a spark in a fire that has already been lit.

We never speak to others of matters close

Only of happenings and postures.

The art of conversation exists only in novels

Right now on paper someone is framing you

For passions you can only hope to commit.

I have been struggling with writing or I guess disassociation which makes it hard to connect my thoughts.



16 thoughts on “Writing Prompt #124 “Collage 6″ and Music Friday Prompt #8

  1. As I read this Yves I couldn’t help but feel a sense of revelation and the innate dangers associated with that. Those small snippets of our life that reveal secrets we don’t really want to be known to others but they are each a part of the psyche that is US.Slowly bit by bit we discover a bravery that allows us to tell it as it was and maybe experience a healing of sorts…..I actually very much got your piece and found a lot in for me….have a good day….

  2. I love the beauty and depth of this poem – every image touches something deep and true. Perhaps my favorite is –

    “Young and cautiously permeable

    I have known taboos which are

    Unspeakable without euphemism”

  3. A clear image to those who know some of the background.
    My favorite two verses are three and five.
    But there really is more expression than you imagine in every line.
    I also enjoyed the video.

    I moved too much as a child that it is nice to be a bit settled these days.

    One day at a time is all we can ask for – though sometimes it would be nice to know that we can sit still the next day…

    1. That must have been rough. I moved from living in the projects in drug infested streets to a log cabin in the middle of no where when I was a kid now that was a big change. I fell in love with nature right away but some adjustments were harder

      1. I think in the first 25 years of my life I must have move almost that many times. From city to smaller city to the burbs. Lucky hubby found this place on the edge of the suburbs. So I have a sort of private back lot (for about 25 years now). Not sure I could go all out in the woods with nothing else… though being off the grid does look like an interesting way to live. Water cisterns and solar or wind power. I did do some camping when younger…but I have come to enjoy indoor plumbing 😉

        In the country/ camping… you have to know your stuff and be prepared. Neighbors can be very far away… like when I was in high school and didn’t have a car and all my friends lived to far to visit after school. But we adapt.

      2. Oh wow Jules that is a lot of moving! It has taken several moves to arrive here and I love love my new house and hope to grow old here. We weren’t that removed we did heat with fire and I think maybe have a wood-burning stove but we did have water (well) and electricity. I couldn’t walk anywhere as I was used to but I did walk a lot exploring the forests. My stepdad is very outdoorsy. I was quite young so I don’t know all that was involved lol

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