If You See Mara

Even my bones are red.

I am full of apostrophes

And irrational yearnings

But I am still meager

Not for want but for the shame of being.

Regret is a dish of starvation,

I wane even as I consume.

For every encounter there exists

An existential debate.

What have I done and to what end?

Why do my pieces fall wherever my feet attend?

Is Narcissism really the opposite of self-loathing

Since they both condemn a man to preoccupation?

And doesn’t any man who recognizes himself

In the mien of another lash out in self-preservation?

My demons occupy their smiles,

My blood their throats.

Paper dreams remain stationary

However, pronounced the creases.

There is dignity in the effort it takes to lose

In the addition of heart into any occupation.

Nothing lasts as long as a scar

It can be passed through generations,

It can slip into the backs of others like a shiv.

If you see Mara in passing say hello

But do not linger in conversation.


10 responses to “If You See Mara

  1. Haunting and powerful phrases are used to convey the many messages in this poem. “Regret is a dish of starvation, I wane even as I consume.” Lots of food for thought, in just this one line. x

  2. Wow I love this so much, especially these lines
    ‘Regret is a dish of starvation,
    I wane even as I consume.’
    and that last stanza….truth artfully written 🙂

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