Wordle #119


My vegetation flourishes in scarcity,

It’s not what I lack that defines me

It’s how much and under what

Circumstances I am willing to give.

Rain lingers in my cells,

Sympathy is encountered through pain.

I have endured your failings and mine.

I revisit my roots whenever

My strength erodes

For within truth can always be found.

A sky woven of crows and last resorts

Huddles in my long-standing eaves

Our fates may not be interchangeable

But they are fundamentally inseparable.


Busy day not too pleased with this


9 responses to “Wordle #119

  1. Ohhh, there’s tons of good stuff in this, riches. Working backwards, I LOVE the ending; and “a sky woven of crows and last resorts”–WOWZA; and “rain lingers in my cells”….

  2. There are several great one liners in this . Finding strength within . Returning to your roots…there is truth in that . Your opening run is cool, how you give us the scarcity statement then twist how we interpret it.

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