Wordle #214 (Audio)


When will these wounds clot?

Is it from pond or sea that

The umbilicus drinks?

I have no money and no morals.

I am without friends

I cannot speak of the DNA within

For I’ve no inkling to my beginnings.

A great many things will kill a man

When conducted in excess.

(Solitude is by far the slowest way to die.)

I have only scars and they alone entice me.

I cannot involve others in my suicide

However, impervious these cells to my efforts.

With each death the madness quickens.

I have broken men apart with my bare hands,

Bones a’splinter, organs slit from their casings

I am a butcher, a man rejected by death.

Today I am lucid.

Today I seek the one

Who has condemned me.

Poor, decrepit soul that I am

Do not hamper me with signals

With teeth bared and bridges asunder

Allow me only to pass

From these multifarious skirts

Into the great, abhorrent beyond.

Witch, skull-shaker

Do not speak to me

Of your unrequited loves,

Of your suffering

For it is my soul that has been stripped

And I’ve nothing left to spare you.


First let me say there is something up with my microphone which has given a very strange effect to the reading. I recommend having the volume low on this one. I had thought of scrapping the audio because my microphone is not working correctly but my reading is good/vehement so I kept it. I actually find the reading with the microphone effect, content, and delivery to be scary and I read it lol This poem is based with creative license on

The Nameless One







5 responses to “Wordle #214 (Audio)

  1. I will try to listen to the audio when I get home.

    There is a certain madness in this. Not involving others in our suicide is a pipe dream, and it is interesting in contrast to the tearing apart of others that this character confesses too. Maybe they feel overcome with the wickedness of them selves. Which may only be perceived but I dunno just the feel I get.

    • I agree with you because we our connected whatever we might believe but in this instance he is an immortal and he doesn’t want to involve new people in his quest for mortality. In the game he’s got multiple incarnations when something happens that would kill an ordinary man he wakes up with amnesia and his personality can be different so in one incarnations he might be a raving murderer and there are clues for him throughout the city, bits of diary among other things

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