Photo Challenge #77

Golden Hour By Maciej Koniuszy

– Maciej Koniuszy

A river still as glass

Enhances the emptiness therein.

Each morning the birds

Resume their sentry

Paddling softly across

A deliquescing mirror.

They do not know of the evils

Contained within man

Those enterprises which

Customarily diminish heart.

Over time the boat

Solicits no further inquiry,

It’s transit, aimless,

It seeks no harbor

But holds fast

At a discreet distance

From those shores which

Trauma has so meanly dictated.




23 responses to “Photo Challenge #77

  1. Last line really brings this home, the shores defined by trauma – and it is sad that it has to be so. The surface of the river seems still but under the surface there is so much going on. I guess the same can be said of most people as well.

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