Wordle #128


My edges spill unbidden down

A hillside swarming with nettles.

They gather in forgotten places,

In snatches of penumbra.

I’ve seen it all with nothing between.

Ghosts worship in a stringent chorus.

Patches fail to conceal their truancy,

They are exhaust and ectoplasm.

The air in my lungs sharpens

To a shriek, I will never forget,

The exact spot where I died

Broken by my own menace.


On another note I am really struggling to keep up and catch up right now


11 responses to “Wordle #128

  1. To live after death, to know where you died. I think I would feel caught in oblivion, stuck to wander all the old places but never interact.

  2. I’ve read this several times now, and this is the line that grabs me every time: “They are exhaust and ectoplasm.” Way cool.

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