Wordle #129


In a blink, the stars within

His hands vanish,

Swept into a lather of ink

And secrets that will not

Relinquish themselves.

In a basket of flesh and shrapnel

A magpie builds her nest,

Clever eyes enunciated

By the moon’s ripe entreaty.

His heart catches in the crunch

Of her deciduous hunger.

He sees no chance but grips

Her instinctively and with a force

Sufficient to finish them both.


I am back in school and while the commute is shorter (transferred schools) and the schedule more consistent it is still an adjustment. Wednesdays and Thursdays are my longest days and I have to get up very early in the mornings. I am exhausted. I am also not very adaptive so it will take me a while to get this organized.

2 responses to “Wordle #129

  1. “In a blink, the stars within
    His hands vanish”

    I love what you did here, multiplying meaning: the stars vanish, the stars within vanish, his hands vanish. I wonder if even the blinks might vanish too. And if so, is that because the eyes can’t close or because they can’t open? I think we do both when we’re searching and/or lost (look too hard [do you see how many things those three words can mean?!] AND just give up and close our eyes altogether). Life and love are just too much to bear.

    I despise the word “magpie” for some reason. It just unnerves me. I’m sure you too have lengthy lists of words that you love and words that you hate, being a poet and wordsmith.

    I love the last stanza. For some reason, I’m picturing her without teeth. A gummy grandma without any bite left. Maybe both the man and the woman are at that point, metaphorically speaking … just ready to finish each other already. There are days when I, personally, just feel like getting my last days over with already. Sometimes it seems to be taking so long, this endless living.

    • I think we do both when we’re searching and/or lost (look too hard

      absolutely and I know precisely what you mean!

      Sometimes ugly words are good to invoke certain emotions like disgust for example lol I do have words that make me cringe I don’t like pu words generally that sounds it just

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