B&P’s Shadorma and Beyond

Jacek Yerka Erosion

Jacek Yerka


In the heart

Never fully mend.

They become conduits of light,

Fraught with love and sympathy.

If not for these flaws

We would be





13 responses to “B&P’s Shadorma and Beyond

  1. I think the cracks fill in with enough scar tissue to hold us together, you know. Ha. And it def keeps us from coming apart at the seams.

  2. “They become conduits of light”

    Wow. That is beautiful! And you’re so right; if it weren’t for our “flaws,” we’d miss out on the art of developing compassion and empathy. When my kids are hurting, I remind them that the suffering is preparation for being able to help someone else go through the same experience one day.

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