Photo Challenge #74 “Mortal” and Wordle #212

Canned Imagination


Her torn veins empty themselves,

Like laughter caught in

The miasma of escaping ghosts.

Her tongue is a broken engine,

Heart a sack of marbles shot

Through reaches of sunlight.

Blood thickens her tears,

Extinctions generated in the dark

Fossils laid and revisited.

She feasts on heirlooms,

Forcing her way into the bones

Of her stillborn mother.





29 responses to “Photo Challenge #74 “Mortal” and Wordle #212

  1. Okay, this is gonna get weird. But “veins” is an anagram for “vines.” So my whole reading was based on vines growing up the side of a house (the house being the mother). The torn veins are the veins of ivy leaves. No matter how desperately you try to rip them apart and uproot them, you really just can’t get rid of them. They’re going to swallow your house whole, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

    I also misread “Heart a sack of marble shots.” If she doesn’t get it on the first try; she can keep going and going and going until she nails it, just so. Hear (i)t? Crack.

    The word “sack” always makes me giggle.

    “She feasts on heirlooms” reminds me of the ivy that totally took over the yard of a house we rented a few years ago. One day, when my daughter was playing in the yard, she found what I assumed was a long-lost wedding ring. It turned out that I was right. It belonged to the dead mother of the woman who owned the house, so she was quite grateful that we found and returned it.

    That ending is insanely haunting, kind of like that grotesque image. Ew.

    If her mother was stillborn, then basically, this girl doesn’t even exist. And yet, she’s still winding her ivy arms backwards through time and downward through dirt into her mother’s grave. The character you’re describing is basically the ghost of what might have been.

    • That is an interesting image though I used to see a lot of houses being eaten up my vines as a girl. Sack also makes me giggle 😛 Oh wow I bet she was so relieved to have the ring restored I have never found anything like that before. Stillborn also means ineffectual she was never really born into the role of mother that she failed in her role, but I do love the meaning you found as well

  2. Whew what a close on this. For me it was about how we become more and more like our parents as we age and become them. Lot of good tactile imagery throughout.

  3. So sad, so exspsreive. (couldn’t find in dictionary — phonetic.)
    The ghosts of her stillborn mother haunting her attempts to speak, to love, to share.

  4. Well – this just leaves me breathless – as multiple layers and images just dance and revolve and twine themselves around in my mind.

    Gripping and evocative – another piece that leaves one wondering … wandering …. moved and restless in thoughts intimate.

    Super Yves!

  5. A chilling piece, the imagery is very striking, and I absolutely loved all the associations that differ from person to person, in the comment.

  6. The photo was a tad creepy for me. But that last verse … icing on the macabre cake!

    Yes, the quote by Plath was an odd one. Reminded me of telemarketers…. my mind makes some weird connections 😉

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