Wordle #130


A heart born like thunder,

Prophetic and proselytizing

Edges as it mends.

A world of greater depth,

A perfect flesh-eating circle.

What I expected, exchanged

In the heat of necessity,

A prison born of idle fetish.

The cull of addiction.

Drunkard, slopsucker,

I drag my sleepy eyes

Over your soiled hems.

The penance of exile.

A need that trumps survival,

A love that exacerbates

Whenever it feasts.


15 responses to “Wordle #130

  1. WOWZA! I don’t have any more words… reading the comments, I love that you say “mad minds are the best”–I watched a great documentary the other day about Edvard Munch. It’s hard to believe that, after spending the bulk of my life wishing I were anything other than a misfit, in my 6th decade I am appreciating that I share the same creative madness (may I even humbly say “spark of brilliance”?) as many artists/writers I admire–Vincent van Gogh has always been my kindred soul, along with Emily Dickinson–and now I’m learning that there is a vast crowd of “us”. I am ecstatic to finally have a place to belong!! Sending you a long-distance hug–just because! ~ Valida

    • Awww thank you so much! You may of course say so because it is true! That sounds like an interesting documentary! I have always been a misfit and I don’t mind that one bit, I don’t mind being barmy, obsessive, intense, or passionate either. My experiences good bad and other have made me who I am and give me a vast repertoire of emotions to pull from. I don’t want to be apathetic, I love having a range of emotions. I do, however, wish I were healthier and more independent. I have trauma yes but I don’t want to be trauma.

      • Our recent “back and forth” correspondence have revealed I’m experiencing an epiphany–and I’m reveling in it (haven’t had one since 2011, so I feel “due”)! I love what you said, “I have trauma, yes, but I don’t want to be trauma”–we have to be careful how we identify ourselves (and others). You are so wise–and so generous with your wisdom and generosity; I appreciate you very much. I’m feeling “cautiously excited” to see what’s up ahead for the remainder of this year, and the beginning of next… God bless you today!

  2. I feel in this a realization of just how far you have fallen, and then the loss of that – a dance of a bit of madness. A starvation – in exile.

  3. “A heart born like thunder”

    You really write the best opening lines ever. A jolt of electricity straight to your heart, reborn. I think it was dead until he brought it back to life with his boom-clack-clap straight into your deepest pieces.

    “A perfect flesh-eating circle.” … You’re trapped inside it, being consumed alive. Brought back to life only to then suffer as he devours you, even in his absence. Probably an on-again/off-again relationships. One of those unhealthy but powerful “loves” that should never have been but life wouldn’t be worth living without.

    “slopsucker” … What an awesome word. If it’s real, I don’t want to know it. I’m just going to enjoy the sound and the imagery of a messy pig going face-crazy in a pile of goo. Like this:

    “A love that exacerbates
    Whenever it feasts.”

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