Wordle #133


The rhythm of my fists

Drown the distances

Between disparate infinities.

The whisper of wood

Against my relentless impulse.

We all seek to destroy

The moments bridging events.

I kneel before the invisible

A precise hum to drown

The denizens inside my head.

Another hit of creation,

Another dose of detachment

Years of anguish emit

A capsizing refrain

And I am only me

Same as I ever was.


15 responses to “Wordle #133

  1. Intriguing wordle list, this! “We all seek to destroy the moments bridging events”….I’m pondering this, even as I fall asleep at my keyboard. Wonder if it’s like wishing we could burn the bridge before getting to the other side which leads to some kind of hell….in order to avoid it.

  2. Can we ever be more than we are? But we are asked to be often, arent we?

    destroying the moments that bridge events – We live in big events. I think of my kids, excited for Christmas so much that the month before becomes a blur. But we do it as adults as well — when I get married, when I have kids, when i get out of school, when I retire — and then life is gone.

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