Photo Challenge #72 “Verge”

Alexandre Deschaumes

Alexandre Deschaumes

The Venusian wilderness

Becomes the lens through

Which all other lenses are cashed.

A cloak of stars, a prison of mist

A cruel black vacancy in

The nexus of my beloved spine.

Whatever the value of goods

If love lacks, poverty will follow

If you’re not prepared to see me

Naked than don’t stand so close.

A pursuit garnished but ill-favored,

A diaphanous skirt raging

Through snags of untenable wind.

Catch me if you dare

But be ready to suffer the consequence.





30 responses to “Photo Challenge #72 “Verge”

  1. There are always consequences to any action aren’t there. Such as standing too close to see you naked…..I did get a smile out of that notion… always engaging and beautifully written Yves…..have a good day….

  2. “If love lacks, poverty will follow.”
    I think this is why all these celebrities who appear to have everything keep grabbing for more and more and more. They may have all the material goods anyone could want, but their lives are lacking in love.

  3. Catch me if you dare/But be ready to suffer the consequence.
    Love these lines. Isn’t that what all relationships carry as a threat and a treasure.

  4. Another delightfully engaging poem Yves – with a magnificent combination of the prompts – the words so powerful and simple – but ringing with a clarity that often gets lost in the rush of the “fall” 🙂

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