I snatch your angels

From the waves

Of a treacherous silence,

A box apart from

The residual graves.

As simple as a moon

Fashioned of clay

My self recriminations

Spring up helter-skelter

In moments overcast.

How could I have lost you

When I held on with all my might?

What can fix perfection

And if not you

Then what can I alter

Without covering up

These essential lies,

These transparencies

Which distinguish

One void from the next.

We were quite the pair

Miscreants starved for reason,

Two perfects eggs

In a cycling bath.

My courage no longer raw

I cling to a barren science.

Your kisses thieving worms,

Your eyes retracted halos

How can I die in the cradle

Of such a gorgeous silhouette?


Unrelated to the poem I am having technical issues with WordPress. My notification feature does not seem to be working, so I no longer receive emails when someone likes a post. This feature is very helpful for me because I have memory issues and so I really hope that it’s not been phased out =(


22 thoughts on “Wordle #139

  1. Sorry to hear about the technical issues. Once again you’ve WOW-ed me with every word, especially your trademark stellar opening–those 3 first lines, oh gosh how I wish I’d written them. You’re too much, too much good–what a privilege to read your work, know you a little.

      1. True enough, Yves, true enough. So I’ll just keep telling you sincerely that you blow me away with your stellar writing–everyday (that’s the extra amazing part– as I can do good work some days, but shoot, you just whip it out like it’s nothing all the time). Have a blessed day. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Chris =) It seems to be better now but yesterday I wasn’t receiving any notifications and I was a bit worried after reading on various blogs that others were experience WP gremlins of their own. I don’t use my cell to surf just my normal computer (I know I am positively primitive)

      1. ME TOO!!! Positively primitive! I miss the days when cordless phones were the newest technology. 😛

        I refuse to get with the times. Basic, simple, old-school ~ all the way, baby.

      2. haha I like to keep it simple honestly it drives me nuts how people spend all day face down staring at their cell phone when there are people right beside them trying to have a conversation!

  2. I love the word “snatch.”

    These are my favorite lines:
    “What can fix perfection”
    “Miscreants starved for reason”
    “I cling to a barren science”

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