I love the way

You synchronize

With my eventualities.

My unholy integrals beckon

Your sick-sweet tincture,

Let others think what they will

I’ve enough pills to swallow.

So seldom do we

Live our lessons.

If it were enough

To struggle, my ideals

Might yet embark.

I’d rather draw an X

Than contemplate

Another map.

The tip of my tongue

Will suffice in conversation.

If I speak softly enough

Perchance you will hear

An answer not blasted by ego.

The tint of your smile

Stains my cheek

And what more can

Any man ask.


9 thoughts on “Wordle #141

  1. Would be nice to have answers unburdened by ego. Having cheeks tinted by their smile is cool image as well. And its always best to let others think what they will — and for us to think what we will – its our life, and we should follow our own will.

  2. This is a softer quieter version – which is fascinating – because there is always an edge – yet the softer, more caressing lines – are equally evocative and powerful 🙂

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