Photo Challenge #71 “Habitat” and Wordle #209

Habitat Neeraj


Fire and marshmallow

The rivers’ of hell blanket

A mutinous sky.

Beauty takes work

Artificial or authentic

Common as death,

We all have dreams.

A deserted habitat

Grasps for warmth,

For sunshine,

Even damnation

Would suffice

If to shift

These dreadful apathies.

I am tired of fun,

Of kayaks and camps

Of being acceptable.

Genius never sprang

From a stalk of celery

Sweat-flavored, anemic

We starve quietly,


Nothing fills us.




23 responses to “Photo Challenge #71 “Habitat” and Wordle #209

  1. This is flipping fantastic:
    “Genius never sprang
    From a stalk of celery”

    Love the double meaning in “stalk.”

    Seriously, do you understand that I know you’re going to post your poem around 11:00 or 11:30, so I sit here and wait? Like, I get excited when I notice that it’s 10:00 or so because I know your groovy nighttime poem is going to be up within a couple of hours. It’s really one of the highlights of my day. Thank you for being one of the very few predictable things in my life!

    “Fire and marshmallow” is also an awesome opening line. I hate camping. Yuck. It was fun when I was a teenager. But now, with four kids, it’d just be WAY too much work. I COMPLETELY feel you if this is about mommying. I get tired of “fun” too. 🙂 I try to leave a lot of the “fun” stuff to my husband. Fun is just too involved when you’re having to worry about clothes, first-aid kids, etc. for all those people. If I’m going to have fun, I’d rather do it alone. You know?

    Way cool work, as always. I love you! Keep it up, chica.

    • Awww thank you what a beautiful thing to say you have touched me deeply with your words!

      My husband and I were talking about that very thing the other day if we want to go on a hike with the little one there is so much prep and so much extra stuff to bring and so much whining and it’s not get in the car, hike, enjoy now it is 20 lbs of gear plus like 59 lbs of child and endless complaints about back aches that I am pretty sure she doesn’t actually experience considering she isn’t carrying anything lol

  2. Nothing fills us. Oh god, how often have I felt like that. Beautifully worded as always, Yves, but then I’ve come to expect no less from you. 🙂

  3. Great stuff. It is too late in day for sitting round the campfire toasting marshmallows, I agree.

  4. WOWZA–I too loved the celery stalk bit, though I detest the vegetable and don’t see myself as similar to it. I’m tired of being acceptable too–will sweat my way toward a modicum of genius.

  5. Nice. The opening stanza is chock full of goodness. The contrast in the opening lines. When I think of marshmallow and fire I think of good times yet you relate this to the river of hell. And then beauty being common as death – very nice. It also makes that last line stand out. we all have dreams, and yet you have just finished talking of death and hell. Ha.

  6. Dreams and imagination are a gift – but sometimes they can indeed feel like damnation…somedays i would like a vacation from thinking but then what would happen to the words!

  7. Really powerfully interpretations of both prompts – and how it is effectively stated in so graceful a style – of carefully phrased images. 😀

  8. what a phrase … genus never sprang from a stock of celery … great poem even in the desperation of relaxing summer activities Yves!

  9. Beauty does take work…what a great poem, so many meanings; the photo expects softness and beauty and your words bring me back to harsh realities. Beautifully penned, Yves!!

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