Wordle #71 “Man-Eater″

Week 71

A cheap geometric thrill,

The moon draws near

Mimicked in the carnage

Of an ill-begotten laugh.

No heart at all

Just a charnel pit used

For stowing future casualties.

My smile has been wrung many times,

Dirty rag, chicken neck, cathedral bell.

Goddess extends a hand, swan-like,

Nails chipped and smothered

In delinquent sunsets.

She speaks in echos, like a memory

Bracketed behind the eyelids.

Streetwise, my mind rejects

That which my body

Would gladly covet.

Ganglions stutter-

Refuse to disembark

As I stand basking

In my own creepiness

Ready to die for a cause

That jettisons all belief.



19 responses to “Wordle #71 “Man-Eater″

  1. “A cheap geometric thrill” … How did you know I LOVE geometry?! And trig. And algebra. … For future poems. 😉 LOL.

    “Mimicked in the carnage
    Of an ill-begotten laugh” … Laughter is the best medicine, you know. Ask the doctor.

    I agree with the Maiden Faire above; this is pretty much cause for a poetry orgasm right here:
    “Nails chipped and smothered
    In delinquent sunsets.”

    “Bracketed behind the eyelids” … Always, always add brackets to everything! It just really ups, well, everything!

    This cracked me up:
    “As I stand basking
    In my own creepiness”

    Still laughing over it, in fact. 🙂 I hope it makes you giggle a little bit too.We SHOULD bask in our own creepiness, though. Tim Burton, all the way, sis. He’s my twinsie.

    I so look forward to your poem every night. Thank you for being so scheduled! I totally dig it.

  2. “As I stand basking in my own creepiness” what lines! As for ganglions stutter, alas mine do….. But I haven’t been able to say it so succinctly, so thanks for that!

    • Thank you Sue =) I admit I laughed a bit when I wrote the part about my own creepiness while this is fictional I am terribly awkward and I suppose that can look creepy sometimes haha

  3. Another absolute stunner – takes your breath away – the imagery is dead-on – brilliant in effect – and oh, those lines – as mentioned – the nails like delinquent sunsets – smile wrung like chicken necks etc.

    How you weave tales in such short forms and spaces Yves! Breathlessly imagining the horrors – from the comfort of my space. But there is inherent beauty here – as always.

  4. a cause that jettisons all belief. I really need to think on that one.
    This poem really takes off for me in the second stanza. The wringing out of ones smile is such an intersting concept and image.

  5. The lone wolf… the man eater? Kind of also reminds me of a spider with so many eyes seeing… a different beauty?

    There is humor in recognizing what we think are our faults, the waddle of chicken necks and too much sternness. But I think that comes with the territory when one is a parent.

    There is no fault to be found with your imagery!

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