The storm in my heart

Dissolves in yours.

How precious these words

Haunting our borders

Lifeless after impact.

The price was too high

My need too intermittent

To justify the litter

Of your exclusion.

Nothing illuminates

Like your smile.

Remote beneath my own

Impossibility succumbs

To conscious delusion

We can still belong

If only…

Behind the scenes

Our masks freeze

Into place and I wonder

What it would feel like

To become you

In the absence of self

We might succeed

One unholy entity

Purified by the pools

Swelling beneath

Your impassive eyes.



The subject matter is different but this is what came to me when listening to the song


15 thoughts on “Music Prompt #1 “Saint Lawrence River” and Wordle #143

  1. I think this is an excellent response and reaction to the inspiring prompt.

    the whole point is to inspire – and be inspired – and so you did.

    And I think there is a correlation and connection to the music and lyrics – it has been fashioned and created in your own words – poetess of “pain” – and I don’t mean that in a mean or cruel way. You know that you have a way of evoking and teasing images from words that affect on many levels – and we often draw inspirations from heaviness and ache – pain, longing, lost love, destruction.

    And this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. And I’m going to stop justifying my comment now.

    I really felt drawn into the imagery – it’s simple yet so moving – touching – and it is beautiful – the longing like a frost etching on a cold window pane.

    Beautiful Yves 😀

    1. Your comment is beautiful and makes me all warm and squishy =) Thank you so much! I don’t even know what to say or do with myself thank you a million times

      Your response was so poignant and you have such a beautiful lyrical quality to your poetry that absolutely sucks me in. I didn’t see a way of leaving a comment am I blind or did you switch it off

      1. thanks Yves – always a good thing – to feel warm and squishy – if it’s a good thing – which is was meant to be 😀

        Thank you for the generous comment about my response. No – you’re not dreaming – I purposely turned the comments off for the piece – it’s so raw and personal to me – has haunted me for well almost 30 years – so, I just thought “nope” – I don’t want to explain. the words should be enough.

        But I do thank you for your kindness and generosity in your comment 🙂

  2. This is really cool:
    “My need too intermittent
    To justify the litter
    Of your exclusion.”

    I really like the double meaning in “become” here:
    “What it would feel like
    To become you”

    Smart writing.

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