Photo Challenge #70, Balloons, July 21, 2015

Balloons Raindrops Melody

– Julia Anna

Every year the echo rises

From an empty pulpit.

A redundancy savored,

Perhaps unwarranted.

Another year pulled

From thin air as a dove

From a magician’s abysmal hat.

A flock of pastel balloons

Creeps in with the aurora.

Flaccid hearts blown taunt

And harnessed together with strings

For crimes not entirely sane.

I gather them in stillness

The surprise is in the absence

Of the benefactor.

Admiration always starts from afar

But must you remain so long unseen?

The wallpaper itches

A messenger hidden, sacred

Loved but not as completely

As eagerness permits.


7 responses to “Photo Challenge #70, Balloons, July 21, 2015

  1. Huh, interesting. I wonder at who it is that sends the balloons. Admiration. Love. Secret admirers can be fun, but they can be dangerous as well. I have had a couple stalkers in my day – which is quite scary. Ha. There is a thin line there.

  2. I thought it was about a preacher who feels empty but still gathers the flock into the church in hopes that Jesus will return soon. I think all His followers want to want Him. But He’s been gone for so long that they’ve turned away from Him. It’s like the Israelites wandering in the desert. At first, they remembered God’s miracles and stayed faithful to Him, strong in their commitment to living by His laws. But as time passed, they drifted and began to set up idols. As soon as His presence returned and was felt intensely, they got right with the Lord and began to live for Him again. That’s what I see here. The balloons are the congregation. The speaker is the hollow preacher. The benefactor is Jesus. They’re just so sad and desperate to feel His presence again. I’m picturing them all sitting in church, looking to the heavens, waiting for grace, mercy, and healing to rain down on them.

    • What a powerful and vivid interpretation this is Willow thank you so much for sharing.

      The comment did slip into spam btw but I have corrected it so hopefully it won’t happen to any future comments

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