Wordle #70 “July 20, 2015″

Week 70

Your flattened innards

Coagulate in a hiss.

A cephalic bundle

Tuned to the precise frequency

Of my aching tinnitus.

My leviathan, my pneuma

I adhere to you,

To your mighty spear,

To the desultory spray

Of your heart in collapse.

Even in failure

My love perseveres

More dogged than ever.

If it were possible

To impart my version

To your radial gaze

I would give it to you.

My halo, my inclination

I rejoice in you,

In your benevolence,

In the roots that snare

Our sovereign soles.



14 responses to “Wordle #70 “July 20, 2015″

  1. My leviathan, my pneuma / I adhere to you, / To your mighty spear,

    Such evocative words – conjuring images in my mind of things – a swirl in a sea of blue – dark, deep, frightening, turbulent – yet somehow – the need to love and live it – anyways – co-exists.

    Another remarkable piece – based on a rather – hmmm … challenging worlde! Seriously! (my mind went into “halting screech” at the sight of the words …. may take some time with this 😉 )

    Wonderful writing Yves 😀

  2. sovreign soles – cool phrase that, which made me think of sovreign souls as well. tie that to the spear from earlier on, it builds interestingly.

    what a tactile feel of the spray in the hearts colapse as well.

    you def use such interesting language.

  3. This reminds me of blind faith.
    Even non-religious folks, those who grasp at logic –
    All want some power to draw comfort from and reach seemingly unlimited strength from.
    Even when it may sting. We go back ‘more dogged than ever’ to try and get ‘it’ right.

    • So true so true Jules a friend of mine from high school not formerly religious has since joined an extremely strict and cultish religious sect. When speaking to her she said she just needed an instruction manual for life because she didn’t know what she was doing

      • And for some I think that is a valid claim. Wanting something more than just the ‘Golden Rule’ – I frown upon anything though that demands giving up your individuality, the contents of your pocket book and strict adherence to only one view of what is right and wrong.

        I read some where that one of the ‘cults’ that some actors belong to make them go through some sort of screening. Secretly recording confessions and using blackmail against the persons inner most fears.

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