Collage 2

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Such hunger as feasts

On the appetite

Cannot possibly

Be extinguished.

It is best worked out

To the bloody end.

I climbed a tree today,

Though only with my eyes

As the occupation terrifies.

I prayed for rain

To wash the worms

From my flesh

But it never came.

Grave robbers are always

Equipped with teeth

Even if they lack

The impetus to erase life.

My heart,

A pumice stone,

Files my ribs to ash.

I ought to dance,

To drape the veil

Over the windows

Trample the demons

Brazen enough to surface

In the light of day

But I love them

These vices, this vise-like pen

This diary that will not close.



24 thoughts on “Writing Prompt #116 “Collage 2″

  1. I see this as being about an anorexic teenager.

    But also, I love the opening thought: Hungering for hunger; longing for longing. That sort of thing. I dig that.

    This is my favorite part:
    “Grave robbers are always
    Equipped with teeth”

    This is really cool too:
    “My heart,
    A pumice stone,
    Files my ribs to ash.”

    Love the last line as well.

  2. “But I love them/These vices, this vise-like pen/This diary that will not close.”
    Admitting that vices are needed, are loved paints an intriguing view of the narrator.
    Perhaps we all love our vices too much to let them go.
    An excellent write on a brilliant prompt.

      1. The vices are such that these can make me feel the most alive.
        Balance is the middle way — good if we can achieve it.
        Being diagnosed bipolar 2 (almost 4 years ago), revealed some of what I thought of as vices and character flaws as expressions of the illness. Not an absolution, just a justification.

  3. This is an absolute stunner – such a powerful opening stanza – followed by more of the same. Incredible imagery and metaphors dancing in my mind – the intensity, passion, force of the words and ideas mixing in the need to love our vices – even as they destroy pieces of us – how evocative and brilliant. Insightful and wonderful interpretation of such an interesting prompt collage!

    Excellent Yves! 😀

    1. Oh wow thank you for your amazing words! I am so glad you liked it, making the collages is rather like writing a poem as well and I used to do it quite a lot in the low tech way in high school

      1. The piece was just stunning – is stunning. So powerful.

        And the idea of collages are wonderful – because they offer so much wonder, choice and possibilities – and yes, as they stand in themselves – they are works with their own merits – telling a story within a story.

        Great job – and hey, it’s amazing and so wonderful that you can keep us all so inspired Yves! 😀

  4. Oh but climbing a tree is well worth the fear and when you get to the top and the limbs can barely hold you, and you sway in the breeze – falling might even be worth it – filing the ribs with pumice – well that is about the most tactile line I have read all day. Our hungers are def never extinguished, but we do have to figure out how to manage them.

  5. You reminded me of a time when I was camping as a youngster. I was in a mood and refused to go to town with everyone else. And was small enough then to climb a very tall pine to almost the very top.
    How fearless we are as children to not understand the concept of vices. And then we age – to climb with our eyes. And be wistful of those things that we confuse between wants and needs.

    I did have so much fun with the mash up 😉 With writing we can be any number of personalities 🙂 and remain ‘safe’.
    (Did I mention ‘it’ was a real fortune?)

    1. What an awesome fortune =) I repeatedly got the same fortune indicating I would find love overseas and I did indeed!

      While I don’t personally remember doing it (vaguely) my grandmother told me that I climbed the clothesline pole you know the ones shaped like T’s the really big ones, anyhow I managed to climb and stand up once I reached the top. I wanted to tight walk rope the clothesline! Apparently it drew a big crowd I have no idea how I got down or really even how I managed to get up there being only perhaps 5 or so. I was a freakishly strong child, I am talking circus strong so I got into a lot of trouble

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